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Ciarra Finch: Puerto Rico


Mrs. Vilca

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of Ciarra Finch: Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico. By: Ciarra Finch The capital of Puerto Rico is San Juan. Which is located right here. Puerto Rico is in the Atlantic Ocean. The flag of Puerto Rico looks similar to our flag with the same colors and symbols but it is shaped differently. It has red and white stripes and a triangle with a star on it. Their national anthem in Puerto Rico is called " La Borinquena". In Puerto Rico they eat Spanish, Cuban, and Mexian types of food. "La Borinquena" means "the Puerto Rican" in Spanish. They use the "Cocina Criolla" way of cooking. They love stews (as you can see) they are traditional becauase In Puerto Rico, they have subtropical weather all yearround. Their average temperature is 74 degrees Fahrenheit. (Including the winter) In the highlands, though, it gets cooler. They do have rainfall but more in the highland area than anywhere else on the island. Puerto Rico is very mountainous and has very few flatland areas. Puerto Rico's traditional food that they eat. Traditional clothing that Puerto Ricans used to wear and language they speak. The official language in Puerto Rico is Spanish. They also speak English. Girls used to wear naguas which are skirts. Men used to wear guayaberas which were shirts. It is also located in the Caribbean sea. Famous landmarks in Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rican flag and national anthem. This is a map of Puerto Rico. Artwork that has been created in Puerto Rico and a famous person born in Puerto Rico. Some famous landmarks in Puerto Rico are... Morro Fortress San Juan Cathedrial Dominican Convent Casa Blanca and many more. The End Some of the art that they have in Puerto Rico (or have been made by a Puerto Rican) include... La Promesa (which looks like this...) La Dama a Caballo (which looks like this...) Made by: Miguel Pou Created by: Jose Campeche The last piece of artwork I have to show you is... El Pan Nuestro De Cada Día (which looks like this...) Illistrated by: Ramon Frade There are lots of famous people born in Puerto Rico but the person I chose is familiar to us... Well, maybe you don't know him but he is in movies . Benicio Del Toro Puerto Rico's independence day is November 19th. Climate and Natural Landscape of Puerto Rico. (which looks like) (which looks like...) Cocina criolla is basicaly Eurpean (mostly Spanish) colonist who mixed different ingredients to make food. So now that is the traditional way of cooking. foods in Puerto Rico.
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