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Art History Timeline


Jesi Greer

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Art History Timeline

Early Pop Art
*Pop Art was born in the 1950s

*Created among artists who called themselves the Independent Group, which was part of the Institute of Contemporary Art in London

*Pop Art appreciates popular culture and It does not critique the consequences of materialism and consumerism; it recognizes its presence as a natural fact.

*Rebelling against abstract art, they wanted to express their optimism after so much hardship in a youthful visual language. Pop Art celebrated the United Generation of Shopping.
<---Richard Hamilton's Just What Is It that Makes Today's Home So Different and So Appealing? (1956)
In the beginning
-Recognizable imagery drawn from media
products of the time.

-Usually very bright colors

-Flat imagery, such as comic books or
newspaper photos.
-Images of celebrities or advertisements
Characters of POP ART
Marcel Duchamp pushed Picasso's consumerist
ploy further
He introduced actual mass produced objects
into his exhibition.
A bottle rack, a snow shovel, a urinal
He called these "Ready Mades" in an anti art
>Early Pop artists followed Duchamp in the 1950s
by using imagery during Abstract Expressionism
and using popular imagery.
>They incorporated 3 dimensional objects
> examples: Jasper Johns' "Beer Cans" (1960) and
Rober Rauschenburg's "Bed" (1955)
By Jesi Greer
History Of PoP ArT
Picasso used this strategy
in a way,He joked about
our love affair with
shopping. It isn't
considered pop
art but definitely
planted to seed for
the movement.
Roots Cont.
British Pop Art
Richard Hamilton 1965
Young Contemporaries
Billy Apple (Barrie Bates)
Peter Blake
"Sources of Pop Art V"
David Hockney
American Pop Art
Andy Warhol understood shopping and the allure of celebrity. These Post World War II obsessions drove the economy. Public display ruled and everyone wanted their fifteen minutes of fame.
Edward Kienholz
>Patterson, John. "California Dreamers: The Story of Art in the 1950s and 60s."
The Guardian. Guardian News and Media, 07 Oct. 2009. Web. 10 Dec. 2012.

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Madoff, Steven Henry, ed. Pop Art: A Critical History.
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Robert O'Dowd
British PoPArT
"I was a rich
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