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Leading Millennials into the future

No description

jacqui Morris

on 5 October 2015

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Transcript of Leading Millennials into the future

Sometimes it feels like this...
We are not asking for this...
but maybe more
like this...

What do we mean by collaboration?
What does collaboration create?
How can you encourage collaboration?
Embracing Technology
The Future

Using our resources

The Great Divide
How Millennials are viewed
How Millennials view ourselves
Leadership Needs
We Need You!
Be critical of your vision
Communicate the big picture to everyone
Provide opportunity for collaboration

Embrace the changes coming to FDOT
Don’t be afraid of new and unconventional work processes
Who is a Millennial?
Someone aged ~35 and younger.
By a show of hands,
how many of you are Millennials?
By a show of hands,
how many of you manage Millennials?
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