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Tom Sawyer Project

WWJH School Project

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Tom Sawyer Project

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer took place on or along the Mississippi River in Missouri. The time period that this book, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, takes place is during the 1880's, 1884 to be more specific.
Mississippi river
The major mood of the story is light-hearted, fun and humorous, as developed through the antics and pranks of Tom and his friends. There are also moods of fear, sorrow, and seriousness.
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is a fun-filled adventure story. Twain reveals that life is an adventure - filled with romance, fun, fear, sorrow, humor, surprises, and friendship as the boys reflect the realities of life.
Aunt Polly
Tom Sawyer
The son of the town drunk. Huck is an outcast who is adored by local boys, who admire him. Huck gradually replaces Tom’s friend, Joe Harper, as Tom’s sidekick in his adventure's.
Becky Thatcher
Becky is Judge Thatcher's pretty, yellow- haired Daughter, known for her love interest with Tom Sawyer. She wins Tom's love from the first moment he sees her. Shes kind, loving, and beautiful in Tom's eyes.
Aunt Polly, Tom’s loving Aunt and guardian, a simple, kindhearted woman who struggles between loving her nephew and her duty to discipline him. She fails in her attempts to keep Tom under control because, although she worries about Tom’s safety, she seems to fear disciplining him too much. Aunt Polly just wants to be appreciated and loved.
Tom is a romantic, imaginative boy who acts as a natural leader. He is mischievous with an active imagination who spends most of the novel getting himself, and often his friends, into and out of trouble.
Huckleberry Finn
Injun Joe
Injun Joe is a true villain that people fear. He is also very clever. He stays evil until his death in the cave shown in the picture. Injun Joe is Tom Sawyer’s rival. Tom and Huck constantly fear that Injun Joe will hurt them.
Personal Opinions
I thought Tom Sawyer was a very interesting and
exciting book. I loved the way there was adventure
after adventure! It was overall a great book, in
my opinion! I also loved how the different things such as mystery and romance came in place throughout the book. It was a very enjoyable book!
Although Tom Sawyer was a very good book, there are some things that I would change. For example, the book starts out kind of confusing. There are a lot of things I didn't quite understand. I didn't like how I couldn't pronounce some of the words, but of course that's how they spoke back then. I also didn't like the different situations occurring one after the other. There was not much of a break in between adventures.
Internal Conflict
The biggest conflict in this book is Tom vs. Injun Joe. Tom and Huck accused Injun Joe of murder and Injun Joe escaped from the court house, so they were afraid that Injun Joe would come after them and kill them. This incident left Tom and Huck sacred for their lives.
External Conflict
Tom's internal conflict is that he is always failing to please Aunt Polly because of his imaginative adventures causing him trouble.
While whitewashing the fence, Tom tells people that whitewashing is the most fun thing a boy could do at that time. He tricks the other boys in town to do it for him, and in return he gets something from them for the privilege to whitewash.

Rising Action

The Doctor was murdered and the wrong person was accused. Now, Huck and Tom aren't sure if they should tell the truth or tell the whole town who really committed the murder, Injun Joe.
At Injun Joe's trial, Tom is called up and he accuses Injun Joe and tells the town people it wasn't Muff Potter who did the murder.
When the village finds out that Becky and Tom are missing, they really think that they won't find them. But then the kids come home and say that they found a side route out of the cave. Injun Joe was left in the caves for two weeks because everyone forgot about him. When they go back to retrieve him they find his dead body. Then the boys, Huck and Tom, go to the cave and get the money. Then Widow Douglas decides to adopt Huck, and Tom tells everyone that Huck is rich.Then the money is invested for both of them for a later time, and Huck tells Tom that they are robbers together.
Falling Action

Tom is in danger because he told the whole town that Injun Joe did the murder. Injun Joe is looking out for him and Tom believes he is in danger. When Tom and Huck feel that they are no longer in danger they explore Injun Joe's building and find his disguise and thousands of dollars in gold. They take the money and that upsets Injun Joe. While they are getting scared about Injun Joe dangering them, they find out that who Injun Joe really wanted revenge on was Widow Douglas. Her husband had Joe horsewhipped in the past, that's why (for his revenge) he wants to "slit her nostrils."
Plot Map
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
By: Victoria Seiter
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