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Copy of Sparrows brain

No description

Agapi Manarioti

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Sparrows brain

The Brain

team progression
the left side of the brain
CUStomer journey

"Walk in the steps of your customer!"
STrength: team progression
married nathan
kensington roof gardens
12th may 2012
family & friends
my door is always open
keen eye for detail and order
and investing in another...
scent marketing
The nose knows
Some facts about
Scent has powerful physiological and psychological effects:
facts about scent marketing
Students were asked to examine a branded pencil along with a 10 points list of sellling attributes
scent marketing for camper
the right side of the brain
Expressive and creative tasks
Logic, language and analytical thinking
two scent marketing approaches
It's more than cleaning...
So, what is scent marketing?
Smell is the sense most closely tied to the emotion and memory center of the brain- the limbic system.
Thanks to this connection, when we smell a familiar scent an emotional response occurs before the cognitive one.
First we smell
Then we feel
and then we think. Smell is the faster way to emotions!
The superpowers
of the nose!
It can make us salivate
It can change our heart rate
It can attract us to a mate
It can bring back pleasurable memories
It can make us buy!
Smell has the greatest trigger for memory recall of the five senses
We can recall the
of smells and associate them to memories, while
we remember only the 5% of the things we read!
if only math could come in scent!
Traditionally, most of the marketing communication happens through audio and visual messages
Customers are becoming defensive to marketing efforts
Smell is the sense you can't turn off
Messages are ALWAYS received!
Think of your brand's smell as important as your logo.
And, if you do have a logo, then you must have a scent.
The Nike experiment
Two identical pairs of Nike shoes were placed in two different but identical rooms. One room was infused by a floral mixed scent.
of the participants in the experiment preferred the shoes in the fragranced room.
They also estimated the value of the "scented" shoes to be $10.33 higher than the other pair.
Some of the pencils were unscented while others had been doused with pine or tea tree oil.
Two weeks later, the average student could not remember a single attribute of the unscented pencils.
They remembered more than three attributes of the scented pencils!
The smell enabled the formulation of connotations. Therefore, it is not just the scent that people remember!
Scent marketing in retail stores
Increase sales
In a retail store, sales were nearly doubled on days were gender specific scent was used
Improve customer perceptions of the store and product quality
Customers are willing to spend 10%-15% more money on places that are scented.
Encourage customers to spend more time in the store
Associate positive emotions with the store and the products
Increase customers' intention to return to the store
When asked to evaluate store experience, customers prefer the scented stores.
The longer a customer stays in a store , the higher the spending!
The Brand
*depending on your marketing strategy
Scenting for branding
Scenting for seasonal boost
Scenting for branding
It is the recommended strategy when the brand pursues to build a distinctive personality.
Despite the changing collections, the brand aims to maintain a standardized image that will be appealing and attractive to customers.
This approach is highly recommended when signature stores are part of the strategy- like the Camperlab.
Because a signature scent will communicate the uniqueness and the essence of the brand in an unprecedent way.
Because the signature scent will complement and strengthen the brand image and personality attributes.
Because, as soon as customers familiarize themselves with the smell, the experience in all Camper stores will be perceived as unique and seamless.
You fill in the questionnaire about your brand attributes and values.
Our team -consisting of marketers, researchers and perfumers will translate your brand to 3 signature scents alternatives.
Our samples will be tested through focus groups for validation, before sent to you.
We will repeat the process until we have 3 validated samples and the we will send them to your for selection.
With the assistance of the technical and sales team you will select the appropriate diffuser and an installation and application project plan will be agreed upon and executed.
scenting for seasonal boost
When the focus is on the product rather than the brand, and a distinctive brand image is not the objective of marketing. In that case, we propose the scenting of the store to change according to seasons and the main themes of the collection (eg smell of leather for an all-leather based collection, tropical scents for the "Step into summer" line etc).
Because the message of each collection has multiplied impact
The customer "feels" the collection and that makes the experience more powerful.
Customers "get in the mood" of the collection, therefore they are getting ready to buy*
*When you smell the beach, you feel like you are in the beach and then you see why you need a new pair of sandals and how well you will look in them!
The process is similar with the exception that you don't have to fill in the brand questionnaire. You just have to provide us with your key collection messages and marketing objectives.
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