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Drums Girls and Dangerous Pie

No description

Leo Cruz

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Drums Girls and Dangerous Pie

Title: '' Drums Girls Dangerous Pie'' Genre Author: Jordan Sonnenblick Fiction Setting The setting of the book is in a hospital in Philedelphia, another setting for the book would be at Steven house in Pennsylvania. Main Characters: Steven Alper
Jeffery Alper
Annette Watson
Renee Albert, Mom, Dad Minor Characters Mr. and Mrs. Alper
Mr. Watras
Miss Palma
Mrs. Galley Conflicts The main conflict is the book is the Steven's brother, Jeffrey is diagnosed with a type of cancer called leukemia. Steven's mom quit her job to take care of Jeffrey in the hospital. Once she quit her job money become another problem for them. Does the main character solve the conflicts? Yes, steven solved the conflict by forming a band and perform in the school, that way steven can get money to pay the medical bills. Another resolution is Jeffrey cancer got better. Theme The theme in the book is to worry about the things that we can change and leave the things that are hard to change. Climax The climax in the book is that Steven had to get money to pay the medicals bills of his brother because his mom quit to her job. Steven perform in the school with his band and it was a successful plan because the results were perfect. My least favorite part of the book was when Jeffrey got cancer. I thought that Jeffrey was going to died in the story. THE END BY LEO THE LION
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