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Sustainable School

No description

Valentina Maniotti

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Sustainable School

Sustainable School
Even though, teachers and staff are mostly aware and is trying their best to make a change. We have been going around the school in a field trip making questions to staff, students and teachers. Here we have the results:
Secondary VS Middle School
Our hypothesis was correct, although the school turned out to be more sustainable than what we thought..

Is Saint Andrew's a sustainable school?
With our groups we started thinking...
And thinking, comparing and analyzing our ideas of a sustainable school and our own school

Steps to follow:
We have come to a conclusion, our school was NOT a sustainable school.
the school is trying to be sustainable but haven’t completed it yet.
the school is doing the best and giving the necessary to make it sustainable
The only problem we have is to aware the students what we are trying to do and what is it
Half of the school is not aware of what sustainability is.

How could they help if they don’t know what that is?
Examples of why the school is not sustainable:
In a year the school uses tons and tons of paper
The recycling bin is not used correctly
Computers and photocopiers turned on at all hours
People wasting energy by leaving the lights on when the classroom is empty
Our mission was to:
Is a way of improving people's life without wasting resources or harming the environment
Is a progress that can be done year after year
Uses but does not waste natural resources
Improves but does not threaten ways of life
Is a sensible development which can bring benefits now and in the future
How to create sustainability?
Uses local skills and knowledge
Uses local raw materials and technology
Uses renewable sources
Use limited amount of money and develop local skills and trains local people
Develops products needed by local peoples ta a price they can afford
Encourages local people to work together
Sustainable countries
Highest recycling rate in the world -70%
Bus system is so good that car traffic decreased by 30%
Has built large number of parks to control floods rather than concrete canals
So many parks that they use sheep to cut the grass as it's cheaper than lawnmowers
Search for information
Look for ways to get information
Ask questions to people and prove your point.
Go on a field trip, take pictures, ask everybody and observe the school
Dining Room
Staff serve too much food in each plate, causing students to leave a lot of food in the plate.
They do not recycle the food that is left. They throw all to the bin

They use a lot of water to clean all the dishes, cutlery and glasses to be more hygienic
The juice that is left over is also thrown away wasting liters and liters of water and juice
They do not separate the left over in compost and trash
When they finish cooking the gas of the oven is still on for a long while before turning it off
The food is not wasted, basically because the students don’t spend money if it is not necessary and buy amount of food they are going to eat.
The place where the kiosk's are the amount of trash on the floor increases.
Conclusion: Neither of them is sustainable, they could still use other methods to improve the sustainability in the dining room and kiosk.
We did some questions to teachers about how sustainable they were, these are the results:

Transport to school:
3 out of 10 go by car
3 out of 10 go by bus
2 out of 10 go by train
1 out of 10 go by bike
2 out of 10 walk

Class habitat:

All of them turn off the fans when they are leaving the classroom
All of them turn off the lights when they are leaving the classroom
Most of them eat all the food in lunch
All of them turn off the computer when they are in no use
They try their best to keep the bins in a proper way

Conclusion: This shows how teachers are aware of the sustainability and are trying their best to keep the school sustainable.
There are a lot of classes who leave the lights on when no one is in the class

The heat is well used in the building although the windows are always opened
The fans are used wisely and no when no needed
Computers are on at all hours
The school has a lot of recycling bins and are very well used
Most of the classes who turns off the light when there is no one in the room
The fans are used wisely and no when no needed
There is a lot of litter on the floor and the recycling bins are not well used
Windows are usually closed to keep the heat inside
The computers are on at all times
We'll keep the students aware of the sustainability and try to help
We are a sustainable school and it keeps growing
To be a sustainable school is not that easy as it look likes, we still have a lot of things to correct but we did a very good job
-Valentina Maniotti
Find out how to create sustainability, if our school was sustainable, what sustainable is and what is it for.
We decide to find out this information by going on a field trip.
We prepared grid charts, interviews and a camera to take pictures and ask people.
By asking questions we could...
In our field trip we decided to go and ask random people questions.
Find what do they think of sustainability
People answered honestly,
What could we do to improve
We could start to think really hard how to make our school more sustainable.
How to aware students
Something they replied a lot of times is that students aren't aware of sustainable schools.
How to make a change
The people we asked talked about how would they like to have a greener place in school,, with more trees, grass plants.
How to make school a greener place
We asked people how would they make the school greener.
They weren't experts in the subject so it was good to know what did they think on a citizen point of view
We had diverse answers some of them thought it was okay.
others who knew a little more said that there wasn't sustainability because there was luck of conscientization.
Most of them said it was a start to make all of the teachers respect sustainability
Others gave examples, like dividing the garbage between compost and non compost
If they don't know what sustainability is how are they supposed to help to create sustainable schools?
Tell everyone how good sustainable schools are
Uk, Ireland, Australia and USA are making their schools sustainable. Why not us?
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