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Created by: Lainey Harness

No description

Miriam Tyson

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of Created by: Lainey Harness

Main Idea


Created by: Lainey Harness
and Kaitlynn Pruit
Where do most Canadians live
one of the main places canadians live is near the boarder, because it is easier for them to trade with the us, there are better job offers, and it has a warmer climate.
they also live in the Rocky Mts.
Canada's most popular animals
Canadian Lynx
Polar Bear
Who does Canada trade with
the U.S
United Kingdom
the great lakes are ...
Lake Superior
Lake Michigan
Lake Huron
Lake Erie
Lake Onterio
So you see Canada is quite the country after all. There the Great Lakes which are shared with the U.S and there are many animals, places to trade, and many places to live.
We hope you learned alot,
kaitlynn and lainey
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