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Henry Bessmer, Efficient steel production

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aidan bowerman

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Henry Bessmer, Efficient steel production

Henry Bessemer was the first to create steel on and industrial scale. while steel had been produced hundreds of years before this it had never been produced on such a large scale. This was all prior to the open hearth furnace. Which is the modern way of producing steel. People used steel over other metals alloys as it was rather strong. Henry Bessemer industrialization of the process made steel more readily available.
Henry Bessemer, Efficient steel production 1865
Process Before Henry
The process of steel production is generally the same throughout history. Steel has been around for a very long time and many african tribes such as the Zulus learned the art previously they simply melted iron in a furnace. Then running the iron through a small faucet to oxidize it and create steel.
Henry used a brand new way to make the steel as it was melted in a Bessemer converter. Which made the creation of steel much easier his process was used to remove impurities in the metal by using air by blowing air through the hot iron it oxidizes making it stay molten for longer. whilst it also needs to have small amounts of carbon to make it into steel
Due to Henry the process in which steel is made became a lot easier and steel became readily available as a building material.
Henry's process
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