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Frame of References

Thinking Maps: Session 5

Brandon Whitworth

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Frame of References

Frame of Reference Thinking Maps: Session 5 So I know all the Maps...
Now what can I do? Knowing the Maps is
the Tip of the
Iceberg! Welcome to the World of "Frame of Reference."
Why do I need a Frame of Reference?
What does a Frame of Reference do?
When Should I use a Frame of Reference?
What is the Validity ?
What is the Perspective?
Why is this Important? Why do I need a Frame of Reference A Frame of Reference (F.O.R.) gives meaning to the entire Thinking Map.
The F.O.R. does one of three things
Validates (Green)
Offers Perception (Blue)
Explains Importance (Red) When students are writing we would like them to justify their writing. If the student is doing an informative peice of writing we would like them to add information about where they got their information. If the person is writing a perspective piece then we would like the student to explain how their perception of the information affects the product. We always want the students to apply the information. The frame of reference takes a Thinking Map from a Knowledge level to a higher level on Bloom's Taxonomy. What does a Frame of Reference do? Bloom's Taxonomy Option 1
Romeo was a hostile person who encroached on other people's family.

Option 2
Capulets would view Romeo as a hostile person who encroach on other people's family How about these two? Compare the two sentences. Which one do you want the students to be able to do? Option 1
WWII was a very bad war. Option 2
According to Ken Burns in his documentary "The War," WWII was an extremely bad war Option 1
The reason we find the volume of liquids is so that we can pass the CRCT.

Option 2
The reason we find the volume of liquids is so that we can compare and contrast the amounts of liquids in the grocery store to find which products is the best deal for the price. How about this one ? Of course
Option 2
sounds better Activity: Create a Tree Map that shows the Three types of Frames of Reference as we go through this Presentation Therefore we need to add a Frame of Reference For the green F.O.R. you explain where you got the information. Using this information, the student can validate their map.
For this Frame of reference the student would say where the information came from.
Some examples are:
Textbook pages 125-129
I went to the Atlanta Aquarium and saw a presentation on Penguins
I grew up during the cold war and remember many documentary and news reports
TIME magazine
While "Prior Knowledge" can work, it is not very strong. Type 1: How do you Know What you know? (Green) For this F.O.R. you will be explaining anything that would influence the perception of the map.
This is usually done from expressing point of view.
You could also use this Frame of reference to explain feelings or emotions that are influencing the map
Some Examples are:
Perspective of a Muslim extremest
Perspective of Tybolt
Point of view of an American Type 2: Perception (Blue) For this F.O.R. you will explain why this information is important.
In this F.O.R. you will explain the importance of the map.
This F.O.R. tells you the reason you are learning this information or what you can do with this information.
Examples could be:
So that I can measure out ingredients for recipes
If I were a geologist I could classify rocks
I know the correct way to do a scientific procedure Type 3: Importance What type of Frame of Reference do you have? Add your Frame of
Reference to your Tree Map But passing out colors is too much to do in one class period What F.O.R. would these be?
Pages 15-25 in our textbook
A Nazi sympathizer
So I can prevent and accedent in the science lab
Attawalpa's citizens
Documentary on evolutoin
So I know how to grow crops Don't Worry. The words speak for themselves Wait! That can't be it. We don't have the answer yet We need to use a Flow Map
to finish the Problem Let's Look at the Social Studies Activation Activity "Create a Thinking Map explaining the causes and effects of WWII. Be sure to add a F.O.R."
Decide in your group which one is best Using a Thinking Map show the parts of the Earth. Be sure to add a F.O.R.
Select one out of the group as the best. Let's look at the Science example There are 8 Thinking Maps. There are also 3 types of Frames of Reference. If you create a Thinking Map you have to have a F.O.R. However, you can have multiple F.O.R.s. Therefore, how many different Thinking Map and Frame of Reference combinations can you have. Keep in mind that the order of the F.O.R. does not matter. Show your answer using a Thinking Map or multiple Thinking Maps. Be sure to add your F.O.R. Let's Look at the Math Activation Activity Create a Thinking Map explaining Ms. Vann Dam's opinion of Anne Frank using the Diary of Anne Frank as a resource and any other resources you might know. Be sure to include a blue Frame of Reference Let's look at the ELA example
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