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The Providence of FayCrystal

Nwanna Ifendu

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Utopia

FayCrystal A crystal is composed of an arrangement of molecules, atoms, and ions. Just like a crystal, our providence is perfect in every way- morally, spiritually, and genetically. Our motto ,”Together we can achieve the extraordinary,” represents our pride and principles thoroughly. We cherish our citizens, because it takes many individuals to make our society perfect. Together we can achieve the extraordinary. There comes a time when the people find themselves betrayed by their government, and they are forced to break all bonds and create a society that guarantees economic, political, and educational fairness. We the people in order to eliminate every injustice, declare freedom from harsh taxes, cuts on education, increasing crimes, wars, bullying, and discrimination. We are no longer slaves to leaders that take no interest in what the people want, but rather direct their attention towards the dishonorable and worthless money they are able to make.
Education is meant to create more freedom, but as a result of the cuts on education, we the people are experiencing less freedom. Politicians break the people’s trust by promising one thing when campaigning for office, but do another when they get into their desired office. Every race is forced to withstand the ruling power of discrimination from one race of the other. Forming a perfect society will guarantee economic, political, and educational equality; it will also abolish the problem that may arise as a result of race. Australian Box Jellyfish Beautiful but deadly Our society is exquisite and elegant in several ways but in order to maintain this standard of perfection, we must go to extreme lengths to enforce the rules and regulations. No one is allowed to speak against our government.
Can't leave your assigned role.
Every person gets a set amount of money cards to purchase necessities.
Every morning you recite the government's motto.
Everyone must precisely follow the schedule.
If you suspect any activity, report the individual.
Every person must meet their daily standards.
Every child is required to receive an education.
Acts of selfishness will be handled accordingly.
If you try to go against our government... ...you will be thrown in a lake full of Australian Box Jellyfish. An Extraordinary Name Welcome to the Province of... FayCrystal's Motto 8:00 A.M. All citizens are required to wake up and recite the government's motto. After this, everyone must eat breakfast and get dressed for their daily activities. 9:00 A.M. Everyone checks into work or into school. 11:00A.M. Everyone will take a lunch break. Every meal will be nutritious and balanced to ensure the health of our citizens. 12:00 P.M. Everyone must report to the center of the town. There they will rub the giant crystal, to help them remember FayCrystal’s expectations. 1:00P.M. - 3:00 P.M. Return to job or school. 3:30 P.M. Return home and enjoy artistic activities. These activities include writing music, painting, or drawing things pertaining to the government. 5:00 P.M. All adults are permitted time to discuss how great their society is with their friends. All children are required to study during this time. 6:00 P.M. Everyone must report to dinner. 7:00 P.M. All adults will attend the Wipeout game challenge, and there they will receive prizes, such as a day off of work. 9:00 P.M. Everyone must report home, wash up, and go to bed. Itinerary Every citizen follows the schedule in unity in order to maintain the perfection of FayCrystal. No one should speak against our government to ensure that every citizen is in compliance with the government's standards. This rule makes every citizen equal, which will promote unity. Leaving your assigned role will disrupt the orderliness and cooperation of this community. This will instill the vision of FayCrystal within every individual. This will allow FayCrystal to maintain organization. This rule promotes patriotism and helps remove the source of any disunity. When everyone meets and excels their standards, this society flourishes. FayCrystal promotes unity not selfishness. We are one, equal community. Our children are our futures, and in order to progress, we must enrich them with a great education. FayCrystal's Seal FayCrystal's seal represents our ideal and flawless society. The diamond emphasizes our standard of upholding great honor and symbol of clarity . We are perfect genetically, morally, and spiritually and together we can achieve the extraordinary , such as how compounded pressure creates the most prized jewel in the world, the diamond. FayCrystal's Government FayCrystal's government structure is very complex and is a highly favorable system. It is a system that has promoted internal wealth in our province to the individual and the overall state. FayCrystal is a democratically elected oligarchy with communistic values. Every person will follow the daily schedule set for them regardless of circumstances. If one does not work his brother does not eat. Our land is composed of three territories, in which each are composed of a unique economy to each area. The areas are called Ironfog, Stoneholt, and Springbay. Every five years our educated populace elects five citizens whom they feel would represent their best interests in their districts at heart. Those individuals are then taken through an examination process in which they are finally selected by the premier leaders. The premier leaders are rulers for a life time. Every citizen at FayCrystal is placed in regions based upon their capabilities measured by mental and physical competency tests. FayCrystal believes in promoting the best interests for all their citizens and choosing the perfect life for them. Laer 13, XXI
As I collect my thoughts, I am stuck with the phrase,“Paradise is exactly like where you are right now... only much, much better.” That was the phrase coined repeatedly by the autonomous radio a little after six in the morning, as I awakened to find my wife sleeping angelically next to me. She was so beautiful, I could only aspire to give her more and to one day run away from Stoneholt. I always arrive at work early or on right on time, but today was different. I had forgotten my tools to work in the diamond mines. For being late, I was punished harshly and their rationale for my harsh punishment was, coal under pressure makes diamonds. I was stung twice by the jellyfish and forced to feel guilty of my actions because I was causing my fellow brothers and sisters to starve. I’m in pain, and regardless of the pain I have to work for the betterment of this hell.I hate this place. I wish I had’ve stayed in Poland. I cry myself to sleep every night. The grass is not always greener on the other side. I’ve caused my family to suffer because of my selfish actions and buying into a dream.
Maxime Lugos
Age: 38
Residence: Ironfog Today was a great day for my family and IronFog. I won the WipeOut games for my territory, which granted my wife and I recognition and prizes from the our elected officials. Our lives as residents of FayCrystal are comprised of work(farming), some play, and being drones of a malicious government. FayCrystal promises a perfect society and a perfect life, but in reality the regular citizens like I suffer, while those in power live in laps of luxury. We al look the same, we all have fair skin, with fine hair. It’ insanity. We are drones under the elites of this government. Such as, the Hidden One, whom elects every official in power, but none of us builders of society know who he is or how he looks. I shouldn’t be ranting on the government on the birth of my son. The citizens of FayCrystal are genetically engineered through naneotechnology to produce two children, regardless of possible tragic events, such as miscarriage. My wife and I are proud to have had Lucious, our newborn. The only downfall is he’s been taken away for the state’s examination and genetic modifications. Sadly, he will probably be one of the few joys that are allotted in this life. Dylan Cofer
Age: 22
Residence: Stoneholt Journal Entry #3 “Indeed, the rough diamond must be polished if the true luster of this stone is ever to appear. It is a fitting symbol for the soul of a man, which must experience hardship before a resurgence of faith moves him to start living for a greater good. A diamond is often used in symbolism to represent a flawless record, and a shining example of spiritual purity.”DOWN WITH FAYCRYSTAL. In FayCrystal we have a ritual every day. We have to grovel over the diamond located in the center of every territory. Stoneholt is a mining territory, built upon the outskirts of the beautiful metropolitan area of FayCrysal. It is composed of tents, shacks, smelting factories, cabins, and saloons. I was chosen for this district because of my built frame, but lack of mental capabilities, or so they thought. Today, we had to elect five citizens we wanted to be candidates to represent our territory, one that will be for the betterment of our town. Everyone got a day off, and the festivities began at nine. It was drunken, parade filled day. Women made their special deserts and worse their special clothes.We needed everything.One day I will make a better life for my wife and son. I’ve been secretly collecting diamonds for years in order to run away. I donot share my plans with my fellow workers, because there are spies everywhere and most are too drunk to care about running from their comfort zone.We fed well with food and indulgences but treated horribly, atleast noted by the sane. I hate going to Society meetings at 5:00 PM and constantly lying to myself and others. I have to get out. Rules & Regulations Dear Alex,
We, the people at FayCrystal cordially invite you to join us on our adventure to total freedom. I am aware of your efforts to always do well in a place that constantly rewards you with evil; here at FayCrystal, we reward you according to your work. Come and have your taste of the scrumptious freedom and become a member of the beautiful world of FayCrystal. The government of FayCrystal believes in equality for all people, which means everyone in our country is entitled to a free house ornate with the finest decorations in the world. We provide free education, starting from your entrance into school, until you have reached and received your desired degrees. The inhabitants of FayCrystal are generously given life necessities for free, without payment, because here at FayCrystal, we believe in rewarding our citizens with the best things in life.
The Leaders of FayCrystal We reward our citizens with the best things the world has to offer! We provide free education and other free necessities. Everyone in our country is entitled to a free house ornate with the finest decorations in the world Every citizen is created the same, making FayCrystal a society of unity and equality. Then Join… FayCrystal Are you tired of your society’s disunity and failures?
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