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EDL 318M, Week 2, Class 4

No description

Chloe Bolyard

on 6 September 2016

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Transcript of EDL 318M, Week 2, Class 4

EDL 318M, Week 2, Class 4
Critical Teacher Reflection

Professional Norms
Be respectful
Open to others’ viewpoints. Disagree respectfully. Respect whoever is speaking. Listen without interrupting. Pack up when it is time to leave—not before.
Be present
Use cell phones for emergencies only. Participate in group activities. Engage in discussion.
Be prepared
Come on time having completed the readings and assignments.
Be helpful
Help out a classmate if s/he misses class
With each other, with the teacher, with the class
How was your first day in the field?

Strategy: "Traffic Light Reflection”
Green: What went well?
Yellow: What are you unsure about?
Red: Any problems? Stated as “I wonder…”

Teacher Leadership
, Ch. 4:
The Teacher Leader as Reflective Agent
"Your function as a teacher leader is to be reflective and to act responsibly in that reflective practice by
challenging assumptions
engaging new ideas
, and
helping students and colleagues to learn in a just, safe, open, and democratic setting
" (Poetter, 2014, pp. 53-54).
Guiding Questions
How does critical teacher reflection extend our conceptualization of teacher leaders as reflective agents?

What types of things do teacher leaders as culturally relevant practitioners reflect on?

Guiding Questions
Process the readings
Teacher Leadership chpt. 4
Howard “Critical Teacher Reflection”
Looking ahead
Looking Ahead...
Tuesday, 2/10
Guest Speaker: Dr. Tom Poetter
Formation of Critical Cultural Competence Groups
Reading due:
Poetter (2014), chapter 6. Consider questions that you have about teacher inquiry to ask our guest speaker.
Thursday, 2/12
Seminar: Introduction to APA/finding articles for literature reviews with guest speaker, Kate Lucey

Howard: Culturally Relevant Pedagogy:
Ingredients for Critical Teacher Reflection
Concepts from the article

- method and practice of teaching
culturally relevant pedagogy
deficit-based thinking-
places the blame for student failure squarely on the shoulder of the student and student’s lack of the traits necessary for academic success
cultural capital
- a form of cultural transmission that individuals acquire from their given social structure p. 197
critical reflection-
reflection within the moral, political, and ethical contexts of teaching p. 197
According to the article...
Why does race matter? And what does it have to do with teaching?
Why is critical teacher reflection important in developing culturally relevant pedagogy?
How can teachers move toward the
type of reflection?

Use the following questions to critically reflect on the scene from Freedom Writers
How has race, culture, and social class shaped students' thinking, learning, and various understandings of the world? (Howard, p. 197)
How has the teacher's positionally as a white, middle class female shaped her view of the world?
Based on this interaction with her students, how might she critically reflect on this experience to become a more culturally relevant teacher?
Critical Teacher Reflection
Cross the Line Activity
Ground Rules
Be respectful
There are no right or wrong answers
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