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Photo Manipulation affects our society

No description

hanz labayandoy

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Photo Manipulation affects our society

speech by: Johanna "Hanz" Labayandoy PHOTO MANIPULATION AFFECTS OUR SOCIETY Inform, the Effects of Photo Manipulation
through the society. General purpose: According the National Press Photographers Association!
As journalists we believe the guiding principle of our profession is accuracy; therefore, we believe it is wrong to alter the content of a photograph in any way that deceives the public.
As photojournalists, we have the responsibility to document society and to preserve its images as a matter of historical record. It is clear that the emerging electronic technologies provide new challenges to the integrity of photographic images ... in light of this, we the National Press Photographers Association, reaffirm the basis of our ethics: Accurate representation is the benchmark of our profession. We believe photojournalistic guidelines for fair and accurate reporting should be the criteria for judging what may be done electronically to a photograph. Altering the editorial content ... is a breach of the ethical standards recognized by the NPPA. 1.To Inform audience the exactly effects our society using Photo manipulation.
2.To discuss audience how photo manipulation affects our society.
3.To discuss audience what are the ethics of Photo manipulation .
Specific purpose : Photo manipulation provide for the Graphic or Multimedia Artists to discovered techniques using Adobe Photoshop and Digital Photography. what are the effects in our society and media? Why Manipulation, discovered? Thesis statement: : Photo Manipulation is the application of image editing techniques to photographs in order to create an "Illusion" or "Deception" (in contrast
to mere enhancement or correction), through analog or digital means. Introduction : it is very important now a days, this is used to advertisement, media, news and
photography and many more. for example you captured a photo with a bad light reflection by using photo manipulation you can edit to the darken bad light reflection.
: improve the quality of pictures.
positive effects History: Before the age of digitalization, Photos are being improved or manipulate by the retouch of ink, paint, air-brushes or double-exposure using photographs, piercing photos, negatives or scratching polaroids in the dark room. Until on the late 80’s, digital retouching was born using the first Photo Retouching computer was the Quantel Computers by creating some of its software application like paintbox and Scitex imaging, if used professionally it will result to early digital photo manipulation. Also that year came the Silicon Graphics Computers which
is focused in digital photo manipulation the application that was used is Barco Creater with its untemporary packages, until windows was able to
create based on the Barco Creator then it was
replaced by
Adobe Photoshop. what are the pos+ive and negative effects? Erik Fisher PH.D. said, "When photos in print media are manipulated to look better, they project an unrealistic image that many attempt to achieve and ultimately harm themselves." Negative effects : our generation is exposed to images everyday through media, billboards, posters, pictures, online etc.
: Psychological effects of these photo manipulated images is body images issues that leads to physical perfection. photo manipulation code of ethics After considering the impact that digital image editing has had on their understanding of beauty, students are encouraged to explore the impact this technology is having on our understanding of the global community. Photo manipulation and media There have been some reactions in the media about editing going too far. Most of society knows that photos in magazines have likely been retouched, but the public is not aware about the extent of editing that is done. Currently there are no laws regarding what an editor can publish when it comes to edited photography. It is up to the editor’s discretion whether or not to add a tagline informing the viewer that the photo has been tampered with. Almost all photos are published with a certain amount of editing. The purpose of editing a photo is usually to create a better-looking picture. For example, the sky in a picture may look dull so an editor makes it bluer. Or there is trash in the background of a photo so the editor removes it. In other cases, such as a fashion magazine, the editor may want a model’s figure to be thinner or their nose to be smaller, so they edit that as well. The tools make these edits extremely easy 98 % familiarize Photo Manipulation
2% not familiarize photo manipulation TALLY 91% using Adobe Photoshop
7 % using Pic Monkey
2% using Photoscape Used manipulated software number of familiarize with photo manipulation see these images sometimes, with 49% while some people see it always and usually, with 20% and 31% respectively. presence of photo manipulation images they find it the most in the world wide web, with 67%. Some of them said that they see it in the posters. Few said that they see it in billboards with 13%. Places of photo manipulation images To improve Photo Quality and to add photo effects has the same respondent with 35% both, To remove unwanted marks got the percentage of 20% and to improve physical appearance has 10%. Why do you think that others need to manipulate images?
Harmful or not? Most of the respondent answer Yes, with 53% while some people said it is not harmful to people with 47%. contributions of society Most of the respondent answer it is use to attract people, with 53, while other choose that it is use to project ideas with 27
and some say it use to show off products with 20. Most of the respondent answer it has a good effect to people, with 60% while some people said that it has bad effect to us, with 40%. effects of photo manipulation i interview with one of Graduate in University of Sto. Tomas Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Advertising year 2009.
CONCLUSION The end!!! this is a extreme awesome speech! :D
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