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Stay Safe Online With These Helpful Tips

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Hope Faley

on 8 September 2015

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Transcript of Stay Safe Online With These Helpful Tips

Texting while driving causes 1.3 million car crashes in 2011
In 2014 26% of car crashes involved phones and in 2011 it was 23%, equivalent to 1.3 millions car crashes!
Did you know 60% of teenagers text while driving, 82% or young adults, and 72% for adults.
On average a phone takes your focus off the road for about five seconds, which if you were driving at 55mph you would go the length of a football field without looking at the road.
When you are texting whle driving you imediatly increase the chance by 23 times to get in a car crash.

61% of girls feel pressured to sext
24% of high school students sext and 33% of college students have sexted.
18% of guys have admitted to sexting and 22% of girls have admitted.
The concequences to sexting can be as little as a change in your mood or as big as you becoming a registered sex offender if you are under the age of 18 you are also prosecuted for distributing child pornography.
Over 50% of teens are cyberbullied
There have been 41 suicides involving cyber-bullying since 2003
More then 1 in 3 teens have experienced cyber-bullying
The best thing to do is to tell an adult or parents, I know it might be hard but did you know that over half of the teens that get cyber-bullied don't tell their parents let's change that.
The Meaningful Message
I won't use any statistics or anything here, I just want to say that there are so many deaths involving texting while in a vehicle so I have some tips so you can avoid texting while driving.
Text #x to pause a conversation, I have told my mom and my sisters this and it works, the person wont respond back and that's good
have the person next to you finish the message
and all in all just don't respond
Because I'm pretty sure talking about the latest fashion trend, or gossiping about people at school, or talking to another mom about car-pooling, catching up with an old friend, whatever it is it isn't worth risking your life or anyone else's lives
If your pressured... Log off
Sexting happens to much for it being illegal, and being there are so many girls and boys that feel pressured to sext.
Don't buy into there act
They may say just one time, but it will be like adding gasoline to a fire, after that chances are they will constantly be asking for more and if you say no they will probably threaten to expose you to the entire school or even take it to the police.
If they ask, say no sternly
No matter how much they seem like they care about you, if they keep pushing you to sext them they aren't someone you should talk to.
It is out of your control
Once you send a photo, it's out of your control at that time you are risking your life basically for one bad quality picture that shouldn't be sent, once it is sent he or she could show their friends, the school, send it to other people, or who knows maybe they will go to the police
Log off, delete the account, report and block them.
Out of all the teens that get cyber-bullied I hope they eventually understand that they have more power about the situation then the bullys, You can block them, report them, tell an adult, go to the police because cyber- bullying is illegal in some states, and delete the post or account. If you need an example follow this.
Take a screenshot (save the evidence)
Report them (Most apps will delete the account)
Delete the post (So nobody else can comment on it)
Block them (So they can contact you anymore)
Go to your parent (Communicate, and make decisions)
Go to the police (If cyber-bullying is illegal in your state and your parents have decided it's nessacary)
Go in that order and you should fix mostly everything also, there are hot and text lines that will help you out when you are going through a tough time
Watch this video on texting while driving



Stay Safe Online With These Helpful Tips
By:Hope Faley
Watch this video about cyber-bullying
Internet Privacy
Along with sexting internet privacy is important too, to avoid getting asked to sext just make sure you don't post any provocative photos, and keep your profiles and cyber-image clean so people get the message you aren't up for that.
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