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Neck and Back Pains

No description

Hallie Lee

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Neck and Back Pains

Knowing your health through the Chinese Medicine way Neck &
Back Pains Acupressure Points What are the
symptoms? What causes neck
and back pain? Prevention Spending long hours
maintaining at a
fixed position Repetitive Strain Injury Chinese Medicine Perspective Traumatic Injury Invasion of External Energy Damage/severance of channels & network vessel Wind, Dampness, Cold, Heat Stagnation of qi and blood PAIN!!! How acupressure points work? Meridian pathway where energy flows throughout body Acupressure points Gateways to influence qi & blood flow Stiff Neck Neck Pain Headache Numbness Dizziness 1) Use of suitable pillow
- Thickness
- Hardness 3) Sitting posture 4) Keep neck area warm Lumbar roll flex
lower back forward Computer screen
mid eye level Armrest to prevent
rounded shoulder Cervical Spondylosis 2) Daily neck Exercise Chinese Medicine
Treatment 1) Acupuncture 2) Tuina 3) Cupping FAQ 1) How often should I press on the acupressure point?
When you feel pain as well as after spending long hours at a fixed position 2) Any Chinese Herbs or food I should eat or avoid for this condition
This will depend on your body constitution. We will advise you to consult a TCM physician for a clear diagnosis. NTU Chinese Medicine Clinic Promotions 4) 15% Discount from the 6th visit onward 5) Claimable through Flexben Flexible Spending Account Operating Hours
Mon, Wed, Fri - 9am - 5pm
Tues, Thurs - 9am - 8pm
NTU Chinese Medicine Clinic
60 Nanyang Drive SBS-01s-68 Singapore 637551 Contact Us Structure of Spine Promote Circulation of Qi & Blood Contact Number
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