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Animal Cell as a Restaurant

No description

Katherine Dong

on 8 December 2015

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Transcript of Animal Cell as a Restaurant

A vacuole is an organelle that stores food, water, and other materials needed by the cell.
The cytoplasm is the area between the cell membrane and the nucleus. It contains a gel-like fluid in which alot of organelles are found.
Cell Membrane
In an animal cell, the cell membrane forms a barrier between the cytoplasm and the environment outside the cell.
Animal Cell Analogy
Animal Cell VS Restaurant
Part 1~ Cell Membrane
Part 2~ Cytoplasm
Part 3~ Vacuole
Part 4~ Ribosomes
Part 5~ Nucleus

Animal Cell VS Restaurant
Part 6~ Lysosome
Part 7~ Mitochondria
Part 8~ Golgi Body
Part 9~ Endoplasmic
Part 1
In a restaurant, a door would act like the cell membrane because it is the barrier between the outside world, and it regulates who comes in, and who goes out.
Part 2
Indoor Decorations
In a restaurant, the indoor decor is like the cytoplasm because things like chairs and tables are what make up the inside of a restaraunt.
Part 3
Part 4
Ribosomes are the protein factories of the cell.
Part 5
The nucleus controls activities of the cell and contains the DNA
Storage Room
In a restaurant, a storage room acts like the vacuoles in a cell. A storage room has extra food, and other things needed for a restaurant to work.

In a restaurant, the kitchen is like the ribosomes in a cell because the kitchen produces all the food in a restaurant.
Part 6
The Lysosomes are cells that contain chemicals that break down food and waste particles.
Part 7
The mitochondria are the energy makers of the cell.
In a restaurant, the manager acts like the nucleus because the manager is the one who supervises everything that happens in the restaurant and manages it.
In a restaurant, the janitor is like the lysosomes because the janitor is the person who keeps the restaurant clean so that it can run smoothly.
Part 8
Golgi Body
Receives materials from the ER, packages them, and sends them to other parts of the cell
In a restaurant, the waiters act like the golgi bodies because they are the ones who bring the food to other parts of the restaurant.
Part 9
Endoplasmic Reticulum
The Endoplasmic Reticulum is a network of passageways that carries materials fron one part of the cell to the other.
Restaurant Floor
The restaurant floor would be the ER of the restaurant since the waitors use it as path ways to deliver the food to the customers.
Near By Power Plant
In a restaurant, a nearby power plant is like the mitochondria. All the restaurant's electricity comes from a power plant, which needed for the restaurant to work.
Thank You For Listening
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