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Problems of Brazil

No description

Victor Lee

on 24 November 2012

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Transcript of Problems of Brazil

Olá! Deforestation
-Causes Drug abuse and trafficking 2nd largest consumer of cocaine in the world
Important for Bolivian, Colombian, and Peruvian cocaine headed for Europe
Used by traffickers as a way station for narcotics air transhipments between Peru and Colombia
Important market and transhipment country for Colombian, Bolivian, and Peruvian cocaine Economic inequality
-Causes Economic Inequality
-Impacts Inflation
Crime (people will try to earn more money through illegal activities) BRAZIL Drug abuse and trafficking - Causes Poverty
Lack of education
Corruption Drug abuse and trafficking
- Impact Detrimental effect on public health → lower labour productivity
Financial burden on government --- medical expenses, rehabilitation, law enforcement efforts etc.
Vicious cycle
Upsurge in drug-related violence and weapons smuggling Commercial logging - high demand for timber and charcoal in MDCs
Clearing forests for cattle ranching and plantation farming
Population pressure - forests are cleared for over 50,000 new migrants to grow crops Deforestation
- Effect Damaging the ecological balance; Extinction of species
Endangering the life and culture of native peoples
Global warming Deforestation
- Solutions Sustainable development to pay foreign debts and improve Brazil’s economy
Regulate logging activities by limiting import and export of plant species-Reafforestation (replanting new trees after logging)
Set up national parks and nature reserves
Develop eco-tourism to increase job opportunities + conserve rainforests
Adapt birth control measures reduce land pressure and less resources are consumed Regressive tax policy
Favoring rich and burdens poor
Low-level of education
Lowering chances for narrowing the income gap Economic Inequality
-Solutions Short term: price control
Long term: improving tax system, providing wide-range education Drug abuse and trafficking
-Solutions Education
Harsh punishment if arrested, lenient penalty for voluntary rehabilitation
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