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Pre-Management Meeting

No description

Sarah Barrios

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of Pre-Management Meeting

Pre-Management Meeting
>Company History
>Our Marketing Advantage
>Phases of Management
>Why Be a Manager
>Promotions Beyond Management
Over 250 Offices Nationwide
3000 sales reps
5000 new customers daily
Present to 31 million people annually
The Black Book of Outsourcing
Highest overall client satisfaction
Number One in Client Trust and Vendor Preference
Global Leader in Outsourced Sales
Honors & Awards
Best Places to Work
Independent Corporate Licensee
2 Reason Incorporate
Ownership / Motivation
Outsourced Solutions
Keys to Success
Client Broker (example)
Cydcor's Role
Acquire Clients
Process Payments
Cydcor Executives
Wizard of Oz
*Cowardly Lion
Account Rep
> 4, 5, 8s --what's most important
> Product knowledge
> Have fun/ Make $
> Consistency
Corporate Trainer
> Teach/Train?Develop Others
> Recruiting/2nd Interviews
> Responsibilities (Office/BT)
> Build a team (4/10)
Assistant Management
> Master Office Procedures
> Build Corporate Account
> Expansion Team
Promotions Beyond Management
What is the benefit of promoting managers? Why not just keep everyone in one office?
Jaime Hepp's Promotion to SNC
Promotions Beyond Management
Harris Org
= How important is business success to your overall life?
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