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No description

skye wilkes

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Pluto

By: Skye Wilkes, Kaylee Sanckez
Pluto in 2013
Plutos size compared to Earth
The size conpared to earth is 1,430 miles or 2,302 km
The tempiture on Pluto is -240 degrees celssius or -400 degrees fahrenhight
What it's name means
it was the only plsnet that waa named by a child, Venetia Burney of Oxford, Englnd.
What it is made out of
It is mostly made out of ice and rocks.
The mass of Pluto Compared to earth
The number is 1.3 x 1,022 kg, 2% the mass of Earth or 18% the mass of the moon.
How many moons Pluto has
yes, pluto has five moons, as of 2013
Distance From Sun
The distance from the sun is 3.67 billion miles from the sun.
Who discoverd Pluto and when
Pluto was discoverd on Febuary 18, 1930. By Astronomer Clyde W. Tombaugh.
How long it takes pluto to orbit the sun
It takes 248 years in order to orbit the sun.
How long is a day on Pluto
A day on Pluto is 6.4 Earth days or 153.3 hours long
Three more intresting facts about Pluto
1) Pluto is a dwarf planet
2) Named after the gid if the underworld
3) Was reclassified as a planet in 2006
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