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Layers of Sarawak

No description

Dean Yeo

on 21 December 2013

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Transcript of Layers of Sarawak


Layers of Sarawak (L.O.S) aims to escalate the "Kek Lapis" as a recognisable icon for Sarawak to the eyes of the world.

L.O.S wants to make "L.O.S Kek Lapis" as the go-to item when a person arrives in Sarawak and be a product that must be brought back to their homeland.

We want to escalate the L.O.S Kek Lapis as the main Kek Lapis not only for Sarawak but throughout the world.
Mission Statement
SWOT Analysis (External)
Swot Analysis (Internal)
To establish LOS Kek Lapis as an image/icon of Sarawak in terms of a savoury delicacy to both tourist and local customers
To distinguish LOS Kek Lapis as superior than other Kek Lapis in terms of presentation, quality, customisation and flavour
To provide the best customer service in terms of efficiency, customer responsiveness, on-time delivery
To provide customers with an unforgettable experience with LOS Kek Lapis via its unique features in order to differentiate from competitor products and cater to the individual needs of the customer
To provide customers with a reasonable priced Kek Lapis without compromising quality, presentation and flavour and catering to the high demand during festive periods

Mission Objectives
Marketing Strategies
Target markets
Local Sarawakian

Product Strategies
Interactive packaging
Variety of flavour

Pricing Strategies
Psycho pricing
Discounts (bulk purchase)
Festive season discounts

Marketing Strategies (Cont.)
Promotional Strategies
Festive season
Period of high tourist frequencies
Fruit season
‘Built your own kek lapis’
Brochure, flyers
Loyalty Programme
CSR (donation/charity)

Marketing Strategies (Cont.)
Distribution Strategies
Direct selling
Online selling
Home/ hotel delivery

Marketing Strategies (Cont.)
The owner is Dayang Awang Salhah Weldan
Begins its operation in 1997
Located at Kpg Gersik Petra Jaya
Offers various types of layer cakes for all festive session
Channel of distribution usually direct to the customers

Dayang Salhah

Layers of Sarawak

The End
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