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No description

Judy Vance

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of AHAD

AIMs or Other?
AHAD's Question:
Does the documentation done so far provide the Animal Health & Assurance Division with enough information to make a decision on the AIMs application going forward?
AHAD is at a Cross Roads
Road Map?
Documentation is a starting component and reveals
What we have & what we don't have
What we need & what we don't need
How to set priorities for needs of the Division
Answer to AHAD's question:
The answer is - Yes

Documentation is only a part of the overall process in making that decision

Purpose of Documentation
Provide a clear understanding of the existing system
Business units
System support (IT)
Identify issues & gaps
What the application does - what it doesn't do what does it need to do
Identify key business processes & priorities
Allow business an educated view to better compare AIMs to more current laboratory information systems
System Expectations
Should we Keep, Build or Buy?
AIMs does not meet any of the expectations adequately.

The Decision is Yours
Real time - timely reporting etc
Expectations of any system AHAD considers are:
Ease of use
AHAD cannot afford to invest in the development of a custom built application. Cost would be in the millions.
There are number of existing laboratory information systems available that meet and provide support and maintenance options that are significantly less costly, more efficient, more robust and are able to accommodate multi-disciplines
ie: Laboratory, Pathology, Surveillance, Traceability
No journaling/tracking
No audit capabilities
Limited error handling
Very limited reporting functionality
Data integrity issues
Antiquated technology

AHADs next steps:
Map out existing business requirements and processes
Create a priority checklist of items needed
Shop the market for a system that meets these needs
Purchase and move to a new robust and supported COTS system
Where are we with Documentation?
Brought in 2 consultants
Setup workspace, network & system access
Set documentation templates
Started high level documentation
Completed initial drafts of data diagrams and database definitions
Started meeting with subject matter experts
Due to budget constraints 6 month documentation project was changed to 1 month
The Answer to AHAD's question:
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