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Understanding Light, Health and LED's

Memory map to get trough all technical and application aspects of LED plus a little information on L&H

Henrik Clausen

on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of Understanding Light, Health and LED's

Light, Health
and LED's

Colour rendering
Lumen output
Colour temp
The influence of light on our visual, emotional and biological wellbeing - And what we have
to think about when
using LED's ?
LED is a unique lightsource but
you need to have reliable
and updated information!
More efficient than a T5 fluorescent tube
High colour temperature is most efficient
Continous spectrum
Works best in cold surroundings
Replace after 90/80/70% lumenloss
Adress both initial and 6000h values
"The green valley"
Heat and stability
Heat and stability
adress both initial and 6000h values
Based on 25 degree surrounding
Heat mamagement is extremly
L90, L80, L70 or L50?
McAdams elipse
Colour stability
address both initial and 6000h values
System reliability
Losses from various places
Light &

Defining the background and connecting the dots..
Colour over angel
Tuneable white
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