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Every Soul a Star

Bailey Middle Book talk

LW Adams

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Every Soul a Star

Every soul a star is an amazing story about how three teenagers come together and change each other's lives.

Bree is totally popular, gorgeous and a soon homecoming queen. Her beauty is impossible to ignore. But what is she trying to hide? Jack Being overweight and awkward, Jack is comfortable with spending more time alone than together. But when chances arise, he discovers himself in scenarios he never would have imagined. I The setting takes place in Moon Shadow, an isolated camp, where masses of campers have crowded to catch a glance of an uncommon event, a total eclipse of the sun. Jack got there because he was invited so he could write a report on it, and get out of summer school. Bree was there for a surprise move. Ally lives at Moon Shadow. The theme of Every Soul of Star is change. Each character goes through little to huge levels of change in their lives, from moving to experiencing new things. Each character grasps how to adapt to a different part of their average life. Bree Ally Ally is an astronomy queen- and she knows everything about space! Moon shadow campground is where she belongs, is a part of who she is. She will not imagine it in any other way. The climax of this book was the eclipse. The eclipse was the climax, because it was what all the characters had been preparing the entire book for. None of the characters had really realized what it would be like, and when it happened, it shocked them and changed them. This thought ran through Bree's head (who didn't even think the eclipse was a big deal) when it started, "If this could be repeated every day for a year, I would never budge from where I stood." None of them had worried that they would forget it. A rising action of this book is when Ally finds out shes moving to the city, (Bree already knew about moving to
Moon Shadow) and she was so devastated, because it hit her that she wouldn't be able to see the stars. They both decided that no matter what, they didn't want to move and implicitly tried making all these points to their parents to try to stop the move. The falling action in this book is when all the characters ended up where change took them, Ally had gone back to her room right before the move, and decided it couldn't contain her any more because she had a whole world to see. Bree had decided that she didn't want to leave Moon Shadow beacuse it was a part of her now and changed her perspective. Jack wants to come back again next summer. It changed him too, he even started to come out of his shell, and share his drawings, which he had never done before. They all knew that Moon Shadow had changed their lives forever. The exposition of the is book is that the three teenagers, (Jack, Ally, and Bree) are living the lives they want to live: Ally in her beatuful stargazing world, Jack living his quiet life reading and drawing in his tree house, and Bree with her drama, fashion, and friends. It's what comes naturally to them. What they don't know is that their lives are going to change forever. Another rising action of this book was when Jack, Bree, Ally, Kenny (Ally's brother) and Melanie (Bree's sister) are searching for an exo planet and actually find it. It even starts raining really hard, and they spend the night in an abandoned shed. The 5 Elements of fiction Climax Falling Action Rising Actions Exposition Setting Theme Resolution The resolution of this book is that everyone found what they were looking for and accepted where the change in their lives had taken them. They had all stopped fighting against the current and let what was happening in their lives change them. Other Books Connections A book that connects with every soul a star is In a Heart Beat because it's in first person, but every chapter is a different character sharing their point of view. Every Soul a Star does this also. I think its an interesting way to convey stories to readers, because you normally only get the thoughts of the person who's telling the story, but in this type of first person, you get three perspectives. A movie that connects with this book is What a Girl Wants, because the girl in it is in a way like Ally. She has to learn all the ways of where she is going to live, how to act, and what to say. When Bree tells her about her life, Ally realizes that civilization is so different than where she lives now, and some things she has never even thought about before. Movies The author's purpose of this book is to entertain the reader. Author's purpose
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