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Jessica Walters

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Magic Bullet Theory
Propaganda Analysis By:
Jessica Walters
Hanna Smith
Randi Cordova Define Magic Bullet Theory: also known as the hypodermic needle approach, it is the idea that messages delivered through the mass media persuade all people powerfully and directly without the people having control over the way that they react.
Propaganda Analysis: The systemic examination of mass media messages that seem to be desired to sway the attitudes of large populations on controversial issues. How do these theories differ from others listed in the book? The Magic Bullet Theory is quick and direct and it doesn't require a steady supplement of information, where as the Propaganda Analysis is strategically planned. Example: The Boston Marathon Bombings For this tragedy and for many others, people most likely experience the same initial reaction of shock and anger. This relates to The Magic Bullet Theory.

There is a lot of controversy with these tragedies because many people relate these events to conspiracy theories, where as many others do not. The information that is presented in the news is delivered to a large amount of people across the country and people generally are swayed in one of two directions. As the media presents more information, some people may think that the tragedy is a conspiracy theory and others may think that it is just a tragedy with nothing behind it. Audience Reaction Once the media presents information to the public, the information is reiterated over and over again. The media encourages this, which leads to the mass response to the initial event. People then update their responses of anger, sadness, and hurt through a variety of different social media outlets. Many people take this too far and social media sources such as facebook and twitter become flooded with political controversial opinions that overshadow the initial tragedy.
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