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Jake McCraw

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Confucianism

Confucianism Who was the founder of Confucianism? What is the hearth of Confucianism and when did it began? Where and how did Confucianism diffuse? Confucianism spread all over china and neighboring countries, such as Vietnam, Korea, and more forcibly onto Japan. Confucianism spread very quickly for many reasons. One of the reasons is the popularity of Confucius. In countries like China people often adopt the ideas of there leaders and many followed the ideas of Confucius. The hearth of Confucianism is Eastern China. This religion began in 551 B.C. Confucianism spread because of the Chinese empire's influence on political, social, and religious development in surrounding countries. How would you explain the reason for this religion’s diffusion? What are this religion’s major beliefs? Worship? Rituals? Holy days? Symbols? Myths? Two major beliefs of Confucianism are community service and the importance of education for moral development.
Followers of Confucianism worship ancestors and Confucius himself.
Worship of Confucius is a grand worship ceremony held in the Confucius Temple for memorizing him.
Confucianism does not have special dates. Confucianism places big importance on rituals instead.
An important symbol in Confucianism is the Taoist Symbol.
Confucianism never developed a mythology. Why and/or how is this religion important historically? Confucianism was important in Chinese history because it taught justice, sincerity, and the belief that family units were important. Confucianism philosophies greatly impacted the people and eventually the government, particularly the Han Dynasty. Attempting to get away from previous corrupt governments, Confucian thinkers brought a moral state of mind and way of life back to China. What impact did this religion have on world civilization? Confucian teachings spread from China to Korea, Japan and Vietnam over 2500 years. The basic teachings can be seen throughout the world such as respect for elders, family values and the importance of education. Confucianism however had a negative impact on the development of women rights as the philosophy emphasizes male dominance over women. Are there cultural artifacts of this religion? Regional symbolism? Confucianism can be seen throughout the landscapes of Asian countries in temples where the teachings continue. In addition there are many artifacts, ritual music, and beautiful art pieces used for Confucian ceremonies. True Confucian symbols are hard to come by. There are no images used to represent Confucius. Confucianism is however intermingled with Taoism and its symbol. This is a sacrificial implement to hold wine during Confucian ceremony. Predict the outcome of this religion’s future. Why do you think that? Kong Qiu Some of the traditional beliefs of Confucianism, especially as they pertain to women may no longer apply. But China has changed and become much wealthier. This religion may again grow as people begin to worry about becoming corrupt again due to increased wealth in the country. They are already re-introducing it in the schools. Area Adherents Population Percentage
Africa 1,000 0.0%
Asia 5,994,000 0.2%
Europe 2,000 0.0%
America 2,000 0.0%
America 26,000 0.0%
Oceania 1,000 0.0%
Eurasia 2,000 0.0%
World 6,028,000 0.1% China's latitude and longitude is 35° 00' N and 105° 00' E
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