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Research for non-Researchers

A Prezi to spread awareness about scientific research, its importance, benefits, and the first steps

Abdulrahman Hariri

on 10 November 2012

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Transcript of Research for non-Researchers

Journey Check your Facts! Your Expectations? Introduction to
Scientific Research Facebook.com/Arabic.Research By Research What? Why? How? An Approach Idea/Problem
Phenomenon Involves an Literature/Data IDEAS Sources Within your groups
Find an idea worth researching You will leave with... Idea Objectives Research Approach Analysis Conclusion Economical Development Learning Paving the path... And lots of... And Apple vs Samsung patent wars Researching new methods,
Market Research, etc... Researching Poverty, etc... Solving Problems Medical field, drugs, etc... IP Intellectual
Property It's a process Takes time... Protection Within the country of registration Structured + Or Process... To solving the mystery... of ideas... Doing a proper research is not hard...
Give considerate effort to planning!
Question everything!
Life is a journey of learning... & One more thing... Critical Thinking This is ignored or not performed well by a lot of students/researchers! What is it? BENEFITS What are the benefits or expected benefits
or positive outcomes? OBSTACLES Any expected obstacles to achieving? OBJECTIVES Tasks or steps to performing it?
Example: 1) Create X 2) Find Y But more importantly... How to:
Avoid them OR
Mitigate their effect What's the difference? REQUIREMENTS Resources
Outside information/help To fulfill the idea... Within your groups
Discuss & write them Examples The FUNNY but true... Don't take that
long away from it... Record every idea...everytime... The time will come when you may need to DEFEND your idea Discuss your ideas
with others It's VERY beneficial... Individually & out of your groups...
Discuss your idea & get suggestions!
Discuss suggestions within your groups Scatter around...Group Presentations!
Leave 2 at your group's poster
Be CRITICAL...Ask & Challenge! An invitation to learn more... Keep Learning... When it comes to ideas,
these are important as well! Previous Studies Suggestions for further research
Limitations of studies
Replicate + Extend
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