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BlackRock, Inc.

No description

Jon Tamarin

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of BlackRock, Inc.

Organizational Structure
BlackRock Leadership
Leaders rather than managers
Weekly team and individual meetings are held to promote motivation and team leadership
Firm assumes leadership is central to performance and other outcomes (behavioral perspective)
Main focus on clients
BlackRock, Inc.
Who is BlackRock?

Mission statement: helps investors find the answer in a new world
Founded in 1988 by eight partners
Global firm that combines the benefits of worldwide reach with local service and relationship
Began offering risk management and trade processing tools to external clients in 2000
Has been to deliver its signify investment in technology infrastructure and analytics to a select group
Organization Culture
System of shared actions, values, and beliefs
Passion, Unity, and Innovation
Group Work
Formal Groups
Informal Groups
Motivational Forces in Play
Made list of Best Employers which ranked number 30 out of the 200 companies, with 73 percent of its employees reporting high job satisfaction.

People not just do theirs job, oriented by leaders, helping each other and teaching each other.
Grow leaders by acquistion, each person manage someone ealse in the firm.
Competitive Benefits, focus on leadership, management developing and training.
Engage employees to learn and challenge:
Volunteer work
Multiple network connection: WIN, VP Village
Forces: Need-needs of money, needs of growing, needs of opportunity and needs of challenges and success.
Company Diversity
“Diversity and inclusion does not
just make our culture stronger, it makes our business better.”

What Sets them Apart?
It was founded as a stand-alone investment management company focused on providing asset to clients
BlackRock's fiduciary culture differentiates it from sell-side firms
Their core belief that rigorous risk management is critical to the delivery of high quality asset management service
Firm's leaders had a vision for a tool that asset managers needed to prudently manage risk
The People
Creativity and Decision Making
Difficult to promote significant creative change due to highly structured work
Most creativity comes from fresh eyes that are new to the position
Hard to implement change due to lack of upper level management cycling
Job Satisfaction
Nature of work
Clear path to promotion
Accesibility of management
Interpersonal Conflict
Upward Referral
Group Thought
Cohesive groups
Strong leadership
Restructuring of project teams
Productive criticism
Limited conflict
Promotion of leaders creates the best situation for the employees to succeed
Tight, efficient structure enables better control over company
Critical thinking and preparation is the best way to provide a high quality product
Improvements to be Made
Loosen the hierarchy
Foster greater creativity
Provide more advancement opportunities
Find ways to balance their thoroughness with a strong company culture
Avoid the growth complex
Employee Diversity
Corporate Partnership Diversity
Three regional units: Americas, Asia Pacific, EMEA

Organization Chart: line relationship and staff relationship.
Internal and External relationship.

The individuals of Black Rock are financially intelligent and skilled employees
Proactive Personalities
Type A Personalities
Job Burnout
Preventative Actions?
Stress Prevention

Strong firm with winning formula
Need to catch up to its growth
Maintains a promising future with extensive expansion

Key People At BlackRock
CEO: Laurence Fink
President and Director : Robert Kapito
COO: Charles Hallac

Organization Chart
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