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Current Trends in Student Health Promotion in Higher Educati

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paul dodsley

on 29 September 2013

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Transcript of Current Trends in Student Health Promotion in Higher Educati

Current Trends in Student Health Promotion
in Higher Education-key issues and challenges

Trends in higher education have a direct effect on a students' health and well-being. These trends can be classed as the wider determinants in student health promotion. These trends include:


The key 'Issues'

Mental Health


Smoking/Substance Misuse

Physical Activity and Diet

Sexual Health


Accessing Services


The key 'Challenges'
Integration of Health Promotion Approaches

The importance of key Partnerships

Better acknowledgment in health care pathways

The need for better data-Health and impact assessments and evaluation

The need for better awareness measures

Paul Dodsley
The 'Trends' in Student Health Promotion in Higher Education
An increase in student numbers

International students

Provision for learning

Starts early in the application process (open days!)


Big impact
Increase in tuition fees

Expense of being at university
The growth in the higher education student population demonstrates specific trends that influence and raise issues regarding the health and well-being of students which are mainly centred on mental health.

The challenge is to address the needs of the students and by linking with key partners, working in line with key policy/strategy and programme drivers and having appropriate systems in place that ensures a student centred approach.

This will support and optimise the student experience, enabling students to maximise their potential and foster positive health behaviours for life.
Over the years we have seen a growing increase of students moving into higher education but with it has come the increase in student fees. These pose as just two examples of 'trends' which are giving rise to 'issues' which are having an impact of the health and well-being of a student and their university experience.

These are 'challenges' which need to be addressed by having systems in place that ensure that all students have every opportunity to be healthy, happy and achieve their full potential.
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