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No description

Hannah Bradley

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Titanium

Hannah Bradley

Fourth Hour Chemistry

Titanium, Ti
Whoah, look at that!
Color: Silver
Odor: None
Boiling Point: 3,287° C
State at Room Temperature: Solid
Texture: Smooth
Density: 4,507 kg/m³
Flammability: High
Melting Point: 1,668° C
Reactivity: High.
Physical & Chemical Properties
Type of Element: Metal
Atomic Number: 22
Atomic Mass: 47.867
Period: 4
Group Number: 4
Family: Transition Metals
Periodic Table Information
Who discovered it?

Where was it discovered?

When was it discovered?
History of Titanium
How Do You Use Titanium?
Reverend William Gregor

Creed, Cornwall in England

Ninth most abundant element in the world
Not found in nature
Found in minerals such as rutile,
ilmenite, and sphene
Isolated using Kroll process
Looks like a metallic granola bar!
You use titanium
every day without
realizing it!
Artificial Joints
Don't you just love Titanium?
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