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4.4 Implementation and Operation

No description

nurul syazwani

on 7 December 2014

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Transcript of 4.4 Implementation and Operation

External communication
The Goodyear Malaysia Berhad will evaluate the competence of workers performing the tasks, which can cause a significant environmental impact on the environment, on the basis of appropriate education, training, and/or experience. Competence will be evaluated by observance of job performance.

The Environmental Working Committee will give training to the workers that associated with environment aspect and environment management system.

Example of the training done at the Goodyear Malaysia Berhad is EHS Legal Requirement Training

Resources, roles, responsibility and authority

Operational Control


In this clause, Goodyear Malaysia Berhad have establish, implement and maintain procedures for communicating internally and externally on its environmental policy, performance or other information based on its own needs and the needs of interested parties
Organization Open Days,
Focus group and community activities
All the control documents are private and confidential.
Establish procedure for controlling all documents required by ISO 14001
Ensure all the documents required by ISO 14001 are periodically reviewed, revised as necessary and approved for adequacy by authorized personnel.
Maintain its controlled documentation in an orderly manner.
Control of documents
Controlled document
4.4 Implementation and Operation

Internal Communication
For internal communication, the communication between and among the levels and functions within an organization are related to the all workers in this company
Communication with external interested parties can be an important and effective tool for environmental management.
This external communication is to communicate externally to its interested parties about its environmental aspects

open days

websites and hotline

Storage of controlled document
after 3 years.

Identifying needs for operational controls

Operational control
Apply some type of operational controls to meet

its environmental policy commitments,
achieve its objectives and targets,
comply with applicable legal requirement and other requirements
to which to manage its environmental aspects

It should identifying needs for operational control for related to the management function

Goodyear establish the operational control by storage of hazardous waste, recycle center, sewage plant

Emergency preparedness and response
Goodyear Malaysia Berhad Company has establish, implement and maintain a procedures to identify potential emergency situations and potential accidents that can have impacts on the environment and how it will respond to them.

the fire drill
Exceed pollutions by emission gases and runoff of water to the environment

Goodyear Malaysia Berhad has ensured the availability of resources essential to establish, implement, maintain and improve the environmental management system.

Human resources, they establish a working committee consist of 25 employee including the EMR.

Infrastructure resources, they bulit or provide several infrastructure such as hazardous room, seminar room, assembly point and recycle area.

Financial resources are provided by Goodyear Malaysia Berhad.

Establishing operational controls

Competence, training and awareness
The Environmental Working Committee (EWC) kept all the documentation related to environmental management system.

Besides that, each member of the Environmental Working Committee (EWC) kept document related to environmental management system of their own department.
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