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All American Muslim: Growing Up Muslim in California

An anthropological research based in California examining the muslim youth that have been born and raised in communities where the population was not prominently Muslim or understanding of what Islam is.

Lesly Ruiz

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of All American Muslim: Growing Up Muslim in California

What is Islam?
Islam means "peace" and "surrender"
Originated in the Middle East and founded on the teaching on the Prophet Muhammad
Second largest religion in the world
All-Ameri an Muslim:
Growing up Muslim in

Objective of this project :
What is it like to be a young Muslim growing up in California?
Learn about the hardships and racism
How has growing up in California influenced their way of life and thinking?
American Attitudes Towards Muslims

Growing Up In California
Called names, teased
Blamed for 9/11

What I did
Visited the Islamic Center of San Gabriel Valley in Rowland Heights
Observed the lifestyle and culture
Interviewed two boys and two girls who are currently practicing Muslims
Participated in the mosque during Friday afternoon prayer
Affan Khan
Hayah Siddiqui
Omar Ibn Hamad
Interviewed :
Sara Ahmed Affan Khan Hayah Siddiqui Omar Ibn Hamad
12 question interview
What I learned

What the questions included:
What was it like growing up Muslim in a community that is not Muslim or knowledgeable about Islam?
Sara Ahmed
9/11 had a major impact on the lives of the youth
The media has extreme influence on the American people
What role do you think the media plays in your community's views on Muslims?
How do you think your community has influenced your way of life?
The media has caused most people to believe that all Muslims are Arab
"The hardest part about being a Muslim here is the ignorance people carry that is created by listening to others who don't know what they are saying." -Affan Khan
Their lifestyle is
different compared
to their parents'
The young Muslim
males interviews recieved
more racial attacks and
discrimination than their
female counterparts

What is something you
would like the non-Muslim
people in your community
to know?
What does Islam mean to you?
Thank You
"Clearly, many Americans are convinced Muslim Americans pose some kind of threat to American society," Jen'nan Ghazal Read, sociologist at Duke University
Pew Research Center Study
- How Muslims and Westerners see each other
Research found:
- Four in 10 Americans have an unfavorable view of Islam.
-Five in 10 believe Islam is more likely than other religions to encourage violence.
-Six in 10 believe Islam is very different from their own religion.
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