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Interact Trip 2014: Peru

No description

Claire Parkinson

on 4 January 2014

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Transcript of Interact Trip 2014: Peru

Interact International Trip 2014: Peru
Cusco, Peru
Machu Piccu
Peru Trip 2014
Friday, February 14th-Sunday,
February 23rd
Estimated Cost from IVHQ: $935.91 (roundtrip including taxes)
Still trying to figure out exact flights with minimal layovers and stops
$261.45 (To secure trip/ get more detailed information)
Need at least 10 for group trip
Program fee $300 (covers accommodation, meals, airport pickup/drop off, program orientation, 24/7 assistance from IVHQ, travel insurance and transportation

To provide individual assistance and attention to children of unfortunate circumstances
Work with local staff in orphanages, community centers, daycare centers, and schools
Goals will be accomplished by organizing community activities, and educating children on hygiene
Volunteer week is Monday-Friday
Machu Piccu:
Overnight trip from Cusco to the archeological site of Machu Piccu
Travelers will go on a two-hour tour of the site and then be given time to explore at their leisure
$335 for the trip

Total cost:
Registration fee+ Program fee+ Machu Piccu trip+ airfare= $1920
International Volunteer Headquarters (IVHQ)
Sends 4,000 volunteers abroad annually
Organizes individual and group trips worldwide
IVHQ Field Manager in Cusco who will assist our group
Based in New Zealand
Dedicated to providing affordable and safe trips
Vaccinations are recommended not required
We plan to have a Trivia Night in the second semester in order to raise funds for the trip
In addition, we plan to hold a raffle for an iPad to also raise money

San Francisco
Any Questions? Thank you for you interest in this trip and we all hope you can attend in February!
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