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Expressive Landscape Painting

No description

Yeon Joo Bae

on 8 July 2013

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Transcript of Expressive Landscape Painting

Expressive Landscape Painting
Huang Gongwang
What emotions do these lines suggest?
Four Masters of the
Yuan Dynasty
Ni Zan's paintings of simple, almost barren, and unpeopled landscapes as expressive of a longing for a simpler, cleaner, and peaceful world
Expressive qualities of lines
and composition
Wu Zhen
Ni Zan
Wang Meng
tended less toward naturalism (i.e. painting exactly what the eye sees) and more toward abstraction, focusing on dynamic balance of elements, and personifying nature.
he used method of interweaving thick and dry brushstrokes to create visually tangible forms. He painted darker brushstrokes over lighter ones, and drier brushstrokes over wetter ones, to create richer textures and a stronger sense of tactile surface.
In contrast to the relatively spare style of his compatriots, his ropy brushstrokes piled one on the other to produce masses of texture combined in dense and involved patterns
Is there a special place that you long for?
Expresses your emotions
through lines, values, and texture.
They refuse to serve the Mongol government.

The Yuan Dynasty is a period where Chinese painting makes its final shift from professional art that stresses ornamentation, technique and expertise into an art that seeks the expression of emotion and meaning.
and practice

Include writing
Lesson Theme: Students will create an expressive landscape painting inspired by Four Masters of Yuan Dynasty.

Students will create an expressive landscape painting from their personal experience

Students will create a poetic writing to along with their painting.

Students will write about how their painting relate to Four Masters of Yuan Dynasty.
Write a short poetic writing to accompany your painting.
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