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Electronic Portfolio

No description

Chantelle Bolduc

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Electronic Portfolio

By: Chantelle Bolduc
Electronic Portfolio
Chantelle Bolduc
May 9th 2013
Mr. McMurray
Dr. Ross Tilley Public School
Todd Bishop
Hobbies and Interests
1. Mission Statement

2. Post Secondary Education

3. Exit Resume

4. Thank-You Letter

5. Summary of Co-op

6. Career Outlook

7. Skills

8. Hobbies and Interests
Table of contents
In my life I strive to be the best person that I can be. I am responsible and caring, and have always wanted to become an elementary school teacher. I try to be a good role model and I enjoy teaching children to reach their full potential.
Mission Statement
Post Secondary Education
I am very athletic, so I enjoy playing sports. A couple
examples are tennis, badminton, and my favourite, soccer. I
have played soccer since I was five years old, playing house
league for six years and rep for six years. Aside from sports, I
enjoy long-distance running.
Length and Cost
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Education- Primary/Junior (consecutive)
1 year applicants should have taken courses in the following subjects:
Physical/ Life Sciences
Social Sciences/Humanities
Trent University
Education- Primary/Junior (concurrent)
5 years

$6 775.96- full-time program

$3 609.79- part-time program
Applicants must have a range of expertise in the following subjects:
Computer Studies
English and/or French
Social Studies
Trent University
Education- Primary/Junior
1 year
1 year
Applicants must have a range of expertise in the following subjects:
Computer Studies
English and/or French
Social Studies
Time Management
Report Card
November 2011
This report card, shows the number of days absent as well as the number of days late.
Time management skills are important for any and every career because employers want someone who shows up on time everyday.
Teamwork Skills
Picture of my soccer team
Summer 2011
Soccer is all about teamwork, you can't win without working together which is why I chose this picture to represent this skill.
Teachers need to work together with staff and their students to help each other out, which is why this skill is important for my future.
Leadership Skills
Principles Award
June 2010
I chose this artifact because this award is given to students' who are responsible and independent, and demonstrate strong leadership skills.
Leadership skills are very important for teaching, the students look up to you, so you have to be a good role model, and a good leader.
Academic Skills
Honour Roll
November 2012
I chose this artifact, because it shows my study habits at school.
Good academic and study habits are important for college/university success as well as job success.
Working Safely Skills
Passport to Safety
February 2013
Math Test
Fall 2012
Using Numbers Skills
This certificate shows that I know employer responsibilities, worker rights and responsibilities, WHMIS, common workplace hazards, dealing with hazards, and general workplace safety provisions.
This is important for the future, as I am aware of dangers at the workplace.
Use of Technology Skills
Thank-You Letter
Dear Mrs. Lomax,

I would like to take the time to thank you for the opportunity to work with you and your class, this semester. This placement allowed me to experience the responsibilities and duties of an elementary school teacher.

My co-op placement allowed me to clarify that a job as an elementary school teacher would be a great match for my skills and interests. I have both improved upon skills, as well as developed new ones. You have been a great teacher, giving me the motivation to push towards a satisfying career in teaching.

Thank you for all of your time and help you have given me throughout the semester, I greatly appreciate it!

Best Regards,

Chantelle Bolduc
Summary of Co-op Reflection
This co-op experience has been great! I have learned so much, both in-class and at my placement. I learned the responsibilities and duties of an elementary school teacher, safety at the workplace, I was able to improve upon and develop new skills, and I was able to confirm that teaching is the occupation that I want to go into. The three main skills I developed and/or improved upon are; leadership skills, communication skills, and responsibility.
Career Outlook
I can definitely see myself working in the teaching field. I love working with kids, and teaching them to be the best that they can be. I like the feeling I get when I know that I have helped someone. I feel that my responsibility, leadership, caring, and communication skills make me a good fit to become a teacher. I realize that even though this is one of the most rewarding careers, it is also stressful, ie. tight deadlines. However, this doesn't push me away from this career, I still love working with children, and teaching them is very rewarding.
Exit Resume
Managing Information Skills
Being able to manage information allows you to be organized which is an important skill to have for teaching as that way you can keep track of everything.
I chose this artifact because it shows that I use my agenda to manage information.
Typing Test
May 2013
Responsibility Skills
Babysitting Certificate
October 2009
Math is all about numbers, it is the study of
measurements, properties, and relationships of
quantities, using numbers, which is why I chose
one of my math tests to show my number skills.
Number skills are very important to have, as numbers show up in everyday activities, whether it's buying a new car, or simply following a recipe. So, they are essential for any job.
I chose this artifact to demonstrate my use of technology skills, because typing is involved with a lot of technology, not only with computers but also with ipods, cellphones, etc.
This skill is important for being a teacher, because they use the computer for marking, creating worksheets, etc.
This certificate demonstrates responsibility
because you have to be trustworthy to take care of children.
Responsibility is important for my future career, because the students look up to their teacher. Parents put their trust in teachers to take care of their children while they are at school.
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