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Humid Subtropical

No description

Sam Hart

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Humid Subtropical

Humid Subtropical
Cwa What is it like in a humid subtropical environment? Hot and humid summers
Mild to cool and also dry winters
Coldest month 26.6 F
Warmest month is 72 F Where is the humid subtropical? Plant and Animal Life Latitude 25 and 40 north
Air mass - Maritime Tropical systems
Near Oceans
Shouldn't be near mountains
Not high up but not low either

By Eduardo Reyes and Sam Hart Fauna Flora Palm Trees Shrubs Things you will see in paradise areas basically Alligators
Deer Rattle Snakes Seals Economy A lot of fruit being grown epically citrus
Rice is produced the most in Humid Subtropical
Tobacco and cotton are also grown
Tourism is good because of the warm weather that these regions have
60 people per square kilometer
humid temperate climates and humid subtropical climates
Port city's are common around these areas so they get a lot of imports Affects of Global Warming in Humid Subtropical Environments The rain forest areas will become more dry
Messes with the wildlife
Temperature increase
Less water
Sea levels will rise because of melting glaciers Sources Google images
Mr. Swains website links
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