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Climate Change

No description

Michael Alloggio

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of Climate Change

Climate Change: Saving our Planet
What is Climate Change?
A fluctuation in global or regional climate
Recent warming
Variation (warming to ice ages)
How much has climate changed?
Rise of 7°F(4°C) over the past 10,000 years
Range between ice ages and gradual increase seen now
Natural Causes of Climate Change
Melting ice- rising sea level and habitat destruction
Continents move- solar reflection in different place
20-30% more radiation
Human Causes of Climate Change
Main cause of climate change
Emit 7 gigatons CO2 per year (humans alone)
29 gigatons a year (total human activities)
Deforestation-reduces CO2 absorption and oxygen production
Destroying of rainforests - lack of cooling moisture in air
Methane - human 60 %
Methane- rice growing
Much of population- relies on rice
Difficult to decrease in growth
The Greenhouse Effect
Atmosphere- reflects 30% of radiation from sunlight, absorbs another 30%
40%- Earth's surface (15% reflected back to space)
Greenhouse gases- warm positively
Fossil fuels- high CO2 emissions.
Increase of 1 degrees Celsius- 10 % farming loss ( 2,500,000,000 dollar loss)

China- 1,200,000,000,000 dollar loss

4 million tons of food grain lost
How can we solve or eliminate the negative effects of climate change?
How Climate Change has affected Humans
Effected many humans
Continuing to effect more
Medical problems (asthma, respiratory allergies, mental and stress disorders, strokes)
Vector-borne diseases (carried by other organisms)- affects survival/reproduction rate of pathogens (infected organisms) and vectors (organisms carrying pathogens)
Future years- several humans affected by climate change caused medical issue
Paying for treatment- costly
The Greenhouse Effect cont.
How Climate change has affected nature
Harming animals the most
Migrating schedules- thrown off
Food source is lacking
Temperatures changing dramatically
Habitats -destroyed
Animals- no shelter
Risk of extinction or near risk of extinction
Global participation
Educate public- commercials that appeal to emotions
Eliminate Carbon Dioxide
Reuse plastic bags, prevent deforestation, use mass transit, can drives
Geo engineering
Phytoplankton/ iron- ocean floor/ block sun/ CO2 bottom of floor
Fossil fuels- decomposed materials (coal and oil)
Burned for energy.
85% of energy in America
Decrease in remaining fossil fuels
Increase of CO2 in the atmosphere
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