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Marvel... A vast production with amazing comics, movies, characters, shows, and apps. Well my friend Brayden and I are creating a Genius Hour Project on Marvel.

Marcel Dharan

on 13 February 2016

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Transcript of Marvel

Marvel Characters
The Avengers Age Of ULTRON is a new captivating movie that entered in the cinemas April 13 2015.
Marvel Movies!!!
Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is an intense show created at the time of the 24 of September 2013.
Marvel T.V Shows


A List of fantastic Marvel movies!!!!!! :-)
Fun Facts
Marvel comics was founded at the year of 1939 (as Timely Comics)
welcome to the Marvel Universe
Marvel games!!!!!
Marvel Description
The Super Hero Squad show was a show that was aired on ABC3 and started on December 4th
An amazing Video game Trailer
MARVEL encyclopedia

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes was was released
into gamers heart at the time of October 22nd 2013 video gamers and Marvel nerds fell in love with this game. Infact 2 game masters Bajo and Hex gave this game 7.5 and 8 out of 10 Rubber Chickens!!!

Marvel had a huge reputation when came to their characters and it is actually because of the comic's deeper description and idea to the characters unlike the comic's characters before!!!!!!!!!
O.M.G totes cool!!
Marvel Comics!
Marvel T.V
1. Marvel first was first known as timely comics.

2. Marvel was the first company to make a black super hero have his own comic.

3. Hulk was meant to be grey!

4.Wolverine was nearly called the badger.

5. Iron man was created by a dare.

6.Marvel helped create the transformers
The fist ever superhero team that belonged to the Marvel Franchise was the Fantastic Four #1 (Nov 1961)
Iron man, Captain America, Thor, black widow, hawkeye, hulk, antman, starlord, groot, gamora, scarlet witch, drax and rocket racoon and many more !!
Toys and Merchandises
Marvel toys and merchandises are all around
shop shelves around the world tey can make
a child sad day to switch to a exceptional
happy day. The marvel site holds alot of
merchandise for any fan of Marvel it reaches
from Magical Mugs to fantastic watches.
Marvel is a entertainment company belonging shirts, movies, comics, and more
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