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Kidnap Poem

No description

Cheryl Ng

on 10 March 2011

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Transcript of Kidnap Poem

Kidnap Poem ever been kidnapped
by a poet
if i were a poet
i'd kidnap you

put you in my phrases
and meter you to jones beach
or maybe coney island
or maybe just to my house

lyric you in lilacs
dash you in the rain
alliterate the beach
to complement my sea

play the lyre for you
ode you with my love song
anything to win you
wrap you in the red Black green
show you off to mama

yeah if i were
a poet i'd kid
nap you By: Nikki Giovanni published in 1970 © © © Theme Declaration of love The speaker is a poet who wishes to write her lover into her work, her essence, and thus bind them together.
"Put you in my phrases...lyric you in lilacs...alliterate the beach" Persona A person aspiring to be a poet who wants to express their love through writing poetry about their lover.
Uses the term "kidnap" to describe how she incorporates him in her poems.
The speaker states, "Put you in my phrases" Kidnap Poem By: Nikki Giovanni published in 1970 Audience The aspiring poet's lover, because the speaker is talking in first person and declares his love.
"Ode you with my love song, anything to win you"
"Play the lyre for you" Tone and Mood Romantic and silly
The speaker uses the word 'kidnap' to express that she wants incorporate him in her poems.
The grammar and structure of the poem makes it humourous. This makes the poem informal which sets a witty tone. Visual Imagery "Wrap you in the red Black green".
More likely, the three colors are the pan-African colors shared by the nations of Africa along with many Carribean nations.
The whole poem is a metaphor itself because when the speaker states, "If I were I poet, I'd kidnap you".
"Dash you in the rain" depicts a visual imagery. Playful kidnapping a playful take on kidnapping, meaning to kidnap the lover's imagination.
The speaker uses the word 'kidnap' as in to use her lover and put him into her poems.
"Put you in my phrases" Meaningful in Life Gives a perspective on things
Shows ways to express love
"Lyric you in lilacs/ dash you int the rain"
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