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Robot Animals

No description

Tyler Grace

on 25 February 2016

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Transcript of Robot Animals

Robot Animals
why are they making animal robots?
Sea robots
What kinds of robot animals are there?
People are coming up with lots of different kinds of robot animals. Such as flys, sheep, dogs, and more robotic animals.
is it cruel kicking an robot dog?
A lot of people says it is because it doesnt matter if the dog is real or robotic it is still wrong to kick a dog.
who invented robots?
what can they be used for?
they can be used for searching for things deep down. Also to find out what kinds of creatures are living there.
By: Tyler Grace
people are making animal robots because people do not like taking care of their pet such as picking up their waste, feeding them and giving water.
Sea robots are awesome because technology is not getting damaged in the water.
George Devol was the first person to invent robots in generall. He was born in louisville, KY.
I chose robotic animals because you don't have to clean up their messes or feed them.The first robot animal robot was made in 1999, which was a robot dog. My research will cover 1999 until present.
Which animal robot is most popular?
My topic is on animal robots. I picked this topic because it seemed intresting to learn about.
Its weird how the most popular animal robot is a dinosaur. it says Pleo the dinosaur starts off as a baby an develops a personality. in a week the family will have a unique pet Dino.
Heres some pictures of newest animal robots!
They are evolving them, solves a serious problem that has long vexed biologists. Dead fossils tell no tales.
How intelligent are they?
the dogs that they are making are only 2 tricks, barking, teaching him other things.
What the most favorite animal dog?
Zoomer is then favorite animal dog. He interas with people barks, plays, you can teach him new tricks and lots more.
George Devol was the first to invent robots in generall.
The first robot animal was a dog
The most favorite animal dogs was a robot dog named Zoomer.
Are robot animals going to replace real animals?

If the world becomes overpopulated it says that humans could rely on robot animals. It says that the problem will also be sovled with children or adults that are allergic to pets.
Robot dogs playing soccer
Any Questions?
Any Questions?
Any Questions?
Any Questions?
Any Questions?
How do they make robotic snakes slither?
They can move their bodies by undulating its body in the same way.
When I was learning about this prolect it didnt seem so intresting at first but then I got really into it and now i know a lot of things about robotic animals.
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