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country manager


alex arteaga

on 2 December 2010

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Transcript of country manager

Country Manager
Pablo Bernard, Emile De Boyrie, Mariel Espejo, Brian McMahon, Vanessa Virchaux
GDP $1.578 trillion growing at 2% annualy
Price sensitive
Considered a newly industrialized country
Large population
Upper middle-income country
Overall Country Performance
Lessons Learned
Strategies have to change for every market
Even if the country has a stable economy does not mean that you will get high returns
Need for production capacity that will satisfy the markets entered; forecasting future sales
Finding optimal SKU price
Cost effective marketing
The effect of advertisement in brand equity
GDP $253 billion growing rate at 4% annualy
Low poverty rate
Price sensitive
Consumers prefer hypermarket
High income inequality
GDP $2.03 trillion growing rate at 5.2% annualy
One of the BRIC countries; 8th largest economy in the world
Consumers prefer hypermarket
Price sensitive
Large population, 196.3 million
Well developed economy; consistently growing
Late entry into Chile
Late increase in Production Capacity
Brazil gross margin 53.7%
We went from losing money in Chile to marking money
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