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Heart Attack..dun-dun-dahhhh!

No description

Ian *****

on 3 June 2010

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Transcript of Heart Attack..dun-dun-dahhhh!

What is it? A heart attack is when blood flow
to a section of the heart is blocked.
If oxygenated blood dosen't reach
the section of the heart the coronary
tissue starts to die.
Who's at risk? What are causes? !!!HEART ATTACK!!! What symptoms? How to treat? How common? How to prevent? Where can you get more information? Even though the cause of Heart Attacks are not clear many variables have been linked to Heart Attacks (such as the ones to the right). However the most commonly associated ones include smoking,stress and high-blood prressure. Heart Attack seem to have higher frequencies in populations that smoke, have high blood pressure or cholestral,diabetes,obesity and physical inactivity. Heart Attacks also seem to have higher frequencies in persons older then 45 or have a family history of CAD (coronary artery diease). A common sign or symptoms of a Heart Attacks are chest pain The most common symptom of heart attack is chest pain or discomfort and last more then few minutes or goes away and comes back. Additional symptoms may be naseua or shortness of breath. Sometimes it developes over times and you may experience multiple symptoms. If the symptoms become serious call the local emergency number.

After a diagnosis process including After going through the a diagnosis process including EKG and blood tests, they may treat you by providing oxygen,
Aspirin,Nitroglycerin, and other drugs for the treatment of chest pain. Further on you may recieve angioplasty to reopen the clogged artery. After leaving the hospital you may recieve cardiac rehabilitation.
A good choice is to have a healthy nutrition, active exercise and strain from alchol and tobacco. Regular check ups with your doctor is a good habit. Losing weight is also a positive step. Organizations such as the CDC,American Heart Association and the United States National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute are aimed at the research and prevention of Heart Attacks and have extensive information produced for the public on their publications and also their websites. There are 12 million victims of Heart Attacks in the US alone and is the country's number 1 cause of unnatural death. However every year more people live through heart attacks every year.
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