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Justin Drew Bieber

No description

Danielle Manful

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Justin Drew Bieber

Justin Drew Bieber Justin Bieber Biography Justin Drew Bieber was born on March 1st , 1994 12:56 AM at St. Joseph's hospital in London Ontario. He was raised with a single mom and grandparents in Stratford Ontario. He went to three different schools. The names were Avon Public School, Bedford Public School, and Central Public School. He taught him self how to play the guitar,trumpet,piano, and the drums.Justin made videos and uploaded them on YouTube so his families can see. One day a American talent manager discovered him on YouTube by accidentally clicking one of his videos and at the end he really enjoyed and had a strong feeling that he can do way better so he decided to contact his family. Scotter Braun helped him get into business. Justin Timberlake, Usher, Ne-Yo, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, New kids on the block all influenced Justin. He did not help anyone get into business. Justin donated one million to Japan after their earthquake. He visits childrens hospital around the world. He donates to Pencils of Promise. Justin doesnt really have a criminal record but on March 2011 outside his 17th birthday party he made a obscene gesture at a photographer. In July 2012 he was puller over on the Ventura Freeway in San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles Metro by California Highway Patrol for speeding. He was driving at a speed of 100 miles per hour (160km/h) in a 65 mph (105km/h) zone. Swedish police found a small amount of drugs on board in his tour bus. Police reportedly acted "after smelling marijuana coming from inside the bus". However, they said in a statement that they were unable to connect the drugs to a "single person" and that charges would not be filed. Justin Bieber Music Description The genre of music Justin does are Pop and R&B. Justin plays instruments like Guitar, Piano, Drums and a little bit of trumpet. Justin writes his own music but sometimes he gets help by other song writers for example "Baby" was written by The Dream an R&B singer. Justin has received many awards and those awards are Grammy awards, Brit, NRJ Music awards, Billboard Music awards, American Music awards, Teen choice awards and MTV Europe Music awards That Power Song Analysis The Beat of the song is fast. The metronome is 126 when it comes to the beat of the song. For the Pitch the Drums are very loud in the beginning but when Justin starts singing the drums become quite and the piano plays louder. The instruments in this song are drums and piano. We would describe the song as like someone wanting to bigger than everybody else. The Dynamics is that the song is forte. In the song you hear drums and an electric piano. Song Critique The lyrics are about him being the best in the world and he has the power to do anything anytime. The instruments that we hear in the song are drums, and electric piano. Justin Beiber and Will.il.am wrote the song by them self.. Summary Questions We would recommend this artist to everyone because he such a good singer. All his songs have a meaning to it which related to all age groups. Justin will be remembered for all the charities he helped with. He will remembered for all songs he sang. Justin his a really nice and sincere guy. Bibliography The resources we used were :


http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100405151343AARac8H Thanks for watching our music project
on Justin Bieber. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Done by: Danielle Manful and
Mooskaan Gupta :) 8C
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