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Writer's Workshop

No description

Michelle Belle

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Writer's Workshop

Romeo and Juliet
-Title, Author
-Brief summary/background of R&J
-Thesis statement (plot-specific)
-Statement of organization (What will your essay be about? What points will you hit?)
Introduction Paragraph should include:
Body Paragraph 1-2
Body Paragraph 1 & 2:
-Topic Sentence (Reason why character is guilty)
*Your topic sentence should be general enough to find 2 evidence to support it.
-2 minimum quotes with context and analysis. Analysis should be several sentences. Your analysis makes or breaks your essay!
-Concluding sentence

Play title, Author
ICD (Interest Creating Device). Something to grasp the reader's attention. Make it RELEVANT!
BRIEF background on the topic
Strong, arguable thesis
Statement of Organization: How you are going to divide up the paragraphs.
Concluding sentence

Ways to extend beyond the text:
-Connect to our current society
-Reveal what this says about humanity
-Leave your reader in awe with your final sentence
-This is the last thing your reader reads before they slap a grade on it.
How to improve your style
Rich vocabulary
Smooth transitions
Unique insight and quote choices
Adds something new to the table
Strong writer's voice
No grammatical/spelling errors
How to cramp your style
First, Next.." "In conclusion" Contractions

"This quote says..." "I chose this quote because "I" "You"

"As stated above.." Generic words: nice, good, bad,etc.

Creating a Cause & Effect thesis statement
You are trying to prove that a character's trait or choice led to a certain outcome.

Body Paragraph #3
Body Paragraph 3:
--Topic Sentence (Reason why ANOTHER character is not guilty)
-2 minimum quotes with context and analysis. Analysis should be several sentences. Your analysis makes or breaks your essay!
-Concluding sentence
HOW DO YOU QUOTE SHAKESPEARE?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
*refer to handout.
1) Find your favorite line in the play.
2) Give context (without giving away the line)
3) Give analysis (what is the significance)
*Write your topic sentence for your body paragraphs. Find evidence for your paragraphs.
Short Story
Sally, Billy, and Joel decided to spend a Saturday playing in the sandbox. Before Sally went outside, she wore her mother's pearl necklace. As the three siblings were playing, Billy noticed Sally wearing their mother's pearl necklace and asked to use it for his fort. Sally refused but as soon as she took it off and turned away, Billy secretly swiped the necklace. Billy wanted to use it to strengthen the fortress of his castle. An hour into playing, Joel--age 3--started to fuss. He threw an unstoppable tantrum, destroying the sandcastles around him. To all three children's despair, the pearl necklace had snapped and the pearls flew everywhere.

Who is to blame for the broken necklace? The irresponsible sister? The crafty brother? The unruly baby?
Sample Cause & Effect Thesis
Sally's irresponsible decision to bring out the pearls is the start of a series of events that results in the obliteration of the necklace.

Billy and his craftiness puts the necklace in a vulnerable situation where it snaps into pieces.

The necklace is ultimately smashed because of Joel's preventable emotional rage and impulsive behavior.
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