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Marco Polo

No description

Kyle Wilkinson

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of Marco Polo

Who is Marco Polo?
Marco polo was a Venetian merchant traveler whose travels were put into a book called
Livres des merveilles du monde
or The travels of Marco Polo.
First Introduced China to Europe

One of Marco Polo's greatest acheivments was while on his journeys, was able to visit china. He gathered many objects and then he wrote about China in his book.
The Travels of Marco Polo
Another one of Marco Polo's greatest achievements was his book. The books name is
Livres des merveilles du monde,
or The Travels of Marco Polo. It records of his travels around Europe and Asia.
Thank you!
This is Marco Polo
Quote from Marco Polo
Marco Polo
Influenced Other Great Trvelers
The last greatest achievement Marco had was that he influenced other famous explorers. These explorers include Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, and Bento de Gois. These explores traveled even more of Europe and Asia and they discovered new places.
The Traveler of Europe
Born: September 15, 1254
Died: January 8,
1324 Age: 64
By Kyle Wilkinson
Mr. Ninaltowski
April 13 2015
This Marco Polo Again
Book 1: History Alive! By Wendy Frey, pages 192,
209, and 318.
Book 2: World Book Encyclopedia By World Book, inc. Pages 648 and 649
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