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Plot and Conflict

Elements of Fiction / Fiction Dictionary

Joel Agee

on 18 May 2018

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Transcript of Plot and Conflict

What happens at the beginning,
the middle and the end of the story?
Rising Action
Resolution /
The opening of the story
where the characters, their desires
and their conflicts are introduced
The characters take action
to resolve their main conflicts,
but they encounter difficulties

- the event that determines
the final outcome of the story
- often
when the tension
is at its highest level
The main character's main conflicts are resolved
(not necessarily a happy ending, though)
The conflict is "unknotted"
External Conflict
Internal Conflict
man vs. man
man vs. nature
man vs. society
obstacles that stand in the way of what the character wants
conflict between two characters
conflict between character
and something nonhuman
conflict between character
and a group or a culture
man vs. self
a conflict inside a character's
heart or mind
Of course, this is just
a basic skeleton.

Not all plots are told in

like this

Writers can play around
with time using
showing something that happened in the past
showing something that will happen in the future
giving clues that suggest what will happen later
The plot is what happens in the story, its
actions, events, conflicts and consequences
What happens in this story?
Falling Action
What happens after the climax before
the conflicts are resolved.
Many stories have little or no falling action.
chronological order
from the earliest event to the latest
from the beginning to the end
without looking into the future or the past
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