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Land Diving

No description

James G. Johnson

on 22 February 2015

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Transcript of Land Diving

What it is
Safety Precautions
There are none. There are no harnesses, nets or even water to fall into. If the vines break you die. It is the ultimate test of fate.
About 20% of the people who land dive, die. Another 15% of the people are severely injured or maimed.
Building the Towers
Building these hundred feet towers takes time. The wood has to be freshly cut so it is strong. The vines are selected by a village elder to make sure they are full of sap so they can be more elastic.
Interesting Facts
In 1974 they put on a show for Queen Elizabeth.
People go on vacation to this island to see the show on Saturdays.
Extreme sports fanatics pay hundreds of dollars to try land diving themselves.
This extreme sport has been a part of their tradition for hundreds of years. It is meant to be a coming of age ceremony. If you live then you continue in the path of their tradition, if you die then it is said that their ancestors deemed them unworthy.
Land Diving
Land diving originated in a pacific island tribe called Vanuatu. Land diving is where one of the young men in the tribe climb up a large wooden tower and tie vines around their feet and jump.
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