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Julius Caesar

No description

Catherine Nguyen

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar presentation
Julius Caesar kidnapped
I came, I saw, I conquered ~ Quoted from Julius Caesar
Later on in Julius Caesar's life
Why I chose this topic
Some of Julius Caesar's accomplishments
On March 15, 44 BC. An assination for Julius Caesar was decided and the job was well finished. Julius Caesar lied on the ground, grasping for air after being stabbed 23 times, and finally fall down. His famous last words were Et tu, Brute? That means "and you, Brutus?" Everyone mourned for him and his funeral took place a few days later after his tragic death that everyone was not able to hold back their tears.
When Julius was in his mid 20s, which is 75 BC, a groups of pirates from the southwestern coast of Asia Minor kidnapped Julius himself and blackmailed him in trade of 20 silver bar. The Romans didn't send the navy to rescue him because they knew that Julius was in the pirates' hands and if they make a move, Julius would die. But in the end, Julius found his way out by being friends with the pirates and then execute them by tricking them into the Julius's army's trap.
I chose this topic because Julius Caesar was a great consul, Roman dictator and the one that led the Roman Empire to their glory days. Julius Caesar would've been the topic of anyone because he was really famous and what he dedicated for Rome was the thing that everyone will remember about and honor him even though it might be a thousand years from now.
March 15, 44 BC
Vol XCIII, No. 1
What was Julius Caesar famous for?
The man who made the fame
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Julius Caesar
People described Julius Caesar as a brilliant Roman dictator, politican and military general. He had accomplished many things and was considered as ancient Rome’s most famous figure. He ruled Rome from 49 to 44 BC. The name Julius Caesar is known all across the globe because of his ability to rule and being the person that led the Roman Empire to its glory time. People changed the name of the month that Julius was born into July in order to honor Julius for what he had done. He had never lost a single war and his name is the name that no one will ever forget.
Julius Caesar's Personality
What the people didn't know about is Julius Caesar's personality has got everything to deal with his death. He was arrogant and his manipulation and great determination had led him to his own death. He saw his way to victory and endless power so he was even willing to get rid of all the things that gets in his way, even his family and friends. People thought that he was assassinated because he was the military general, but here I am, exposing the truth to everyone that his personality was a part of the reason for his own death.
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