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La Vampirata

No description

Ben Wiebe

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of La Vampirata

La Vampirata Mini Presentation
By Ben Wiebe Piracy in the American Colonies What was the role of pirates in the American Colonies? Well, pirates in the early American colonies were actual a lot like... The Founding Fathers! Pirates oddly enough formed societies and systems of checks and balances! Pirates were most active from 1650-1720 which was known as the golden age for pirates Did pirates hurt the Economy? yes and no... You see pirates were thieves. They ransacked ships, during the 1690's pirates stole goods from west african and Red Sea ports. So business owners and local governments lost profits that would have came from the trade of goods. BUT! The goods which were stole were often sold to poor peasants for cheap. this created a Robin Hood complex Robin Hood stole from the rich and gave to the poor, while pirates stole from the rich and sold to the poor. not exactly the same thing but close!
:) You've probably heard of Blackbeard the pirate? You probably haven't thought about this but
wasn't his real name! The Dreaded Blackbeard's real name was in fact:
Edward Thatch

threatening right? Edward was known for using fear to get his enemies to surrender, often without even a fight! He engaged in countless battles including
the blockade of Charleston and the Last Battle
at Ocracoke island. He modernized the Definition of pirates and went down in history with infamy. Part 2 of presentation Cartagena! Until the spanish settlement in 8000BC
Many cultures lived along the Caribbean
Colombian coast
-Arawak Cartagena is a very interesting place!
Did you know? Colombia's capital city has a lower murder rate than the USA's! Cartagena has one of the largest networks of bicycle
roads in the world, coming out of almost every city Colombia is the worlds third largest manufacturer of women's lingerie Colombia is home to the most colorful river in the world!. Emeralds Emeralds are made from the mineral beryl
which is found all over the world
Be3Al2SiO6 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness emeralds are rated about an 8 with diamonds at 10, volcanic glass at 5 and gold and silver at around 3 Emeralds are one of the most valuable stones and while it is difficult to give a clear estimation on the monetary value emeralds range from 900- 10,000$ based on the quality of the stone. Now for the question that's on everybody's mind! Who is Don Blas de Lazo? Well Don Blas de Lazo was none other than a spanish admiral that fought at Battle of Cartagena de Indias where the Spanish defeated a British fleet at unbelievable odds odds! He is the Spanish Navy's greatest hero and thanks to him the Spanish have prospered for hundreds of years! Now Blas has a rich and entertaining back story that is well worth reading about, it includes epic battles, heroic conquests and a one armed victory dance so if your at all interested in learning more about
Don Blas de Lazo
be sure to look him up on
Baddass of the week .com!!!! But who were the Tayrona Indians?? Great Question! The Tayrona Indians can be traced back to 200 years BC One of the best known villages belonging to The Tayron Indians is known as Ciudad Perdida, Spanish for
"Lost City" It was a 32 acre city in Columbia that was
found by looters but is now owned by the
Colombian Institute of Anthropology and History sadly the Indian race was all but wiped out by the Spanish due to religious pressure in about 1599. Well now you know about
Pirates, Black beard, Emeralds,
Columbia, Don Lazo and the
Tayrona indians! That brings this Prezi to an End thanks so much for listening! El extremo
(The End)

By Ben Wiebe
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