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Driving on Sunshine

No description

Skylar Herzner

on 16 February 2017

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Transcript of Driving on Sunshine

Before We Take Off...
We all have a favorite season. What's yours?

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall?


What's happening? What is solar energy?
Let's take a look at our Map!
Our route today is going to take us along Route 66
Chicago, IL ---> Santa Monica, CA
Ok, Let's Roll!
The reason for our trip today is to inform you about the most recent developments in Solar Roadways. I will explain what a solar roadway is, how it works, and how it is currently being used.

So what are Solar Roadways you ask?

A ground breaking and incredibly disruptive technology that could completely change our way of life and the affect that our society has on the environment.
Background Information
Solar Roadways is a company created in 2011 by a married couple in Idaho, Scott and Julie Brusaw.

After watching a global warming documentary, Julie started thinking about how much solar energy is lost to our roads, sidewalks, and parking lots every day.

Together they began to engineer solar panels that will hopefully be able to replace all of our highways.

What is their purpose?
Why isn't this a thing yet?
IT IS!!!!
According to Lisa Suhay, writer of the article 'Rt. 66 gets test run of solar road' published in The Christian Science Monitor international newspaper, the MoDOT has plans to install a section of solar panels at a rest stop along Rt. 66 in Conway, Mo.

These are the first steps being taken to see if the panels will successfully power the entire rest facility and potentially fund future projects.
Europe actually has a head start!
Many countries have already started to use solar panels for things such as a bike trail in the Netherlands and France has plans to cover over 621 miles of their roads with solar panel sheets.

The difference is that the panels being used in Europe are standard solar panels in the form of a sheet layer and they do not have LEDS or heating. They are also not as durable and do not change the issue of potholes.
How do Solar Roadways work?
The panels are made of tempered glass and weigh about 70 lbs. The tempered glass gives texture and allows traction much like concrete or asphalt. The panels are the first in the world to have LEDs and be heated. They are shaped as hexagons which allows for thousands of road designs and makes programming the lights more versatile.
Driving on Sunshine
By: Skylar Herzner
That's 2,451 miles of asphalt!

Average car mpg in America: 23

This trip could use up to 106 gallons
of, environment enemy #1,
Netherlands 230' bike path = 3,000 Wh!
Thanks for joining me!
I hope you enjoyed
our Drive on Sunshine <3
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