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Career Shadowing at Swim4Life

with Veronica Kerst

Gaby G.

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing at Swim4Life

Gaby Gonzalez with Veronica Kerst Swim4Life-
Infant Swimming Resource Purpose of ISR The purpose of ISR is try and eliminate drowning by teaching children to swim and float on their own. Salary and Education The job pays $80 a week per child that attends classes. For this job you need a high school diploma, child development
in water training, and nine weeks of
training in anatomy and physiology. Future plans? ISR wants to
expand into
every country.
They already
have quarters in the UK, Venezuela, Haiti, the United States and Puerto Rico. Employability Skills be on time and prepared
dress code
no food, drink or gum Technology Mrs. Kerst uses:
Internet Explorer
Media Programs
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Calendar Skills Communicate
Statistics Terminology
Background Drowning is the leading cause of death for infants (ages 0-4) in 18 states, ranking 2nd nationally only
automobile accidents
4,000 children die every year from drowning and 12,000 have some kind of permanent brain damage
Pools are 14 times more likely to kill a child 4 and under than a motor vehicle would
I wouldn't mind pursuing a career with Infant Swimming Resource but I
wouldn't want to
work there for
my whole life, I'm
to new career
options and would
like to try different
things. Pros Cons you can help change a child's life
less hours for decent money
you can love this job children constantly cry
money may not be sufficient enough for your pleasing
may have to do medical procedures
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